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Are We The Best Fitness and Sports Performance Facility in Pittsburgh?

Having been in the fitness and sports performance industry for over 20 years and having connections to the top performance coaches in the world, we, at Umberger Performance, have an excellent understanding of what  being "the best" truly means.

 We offer a wide variety of fitness classes, sports performance training for all levels of athletes, as well as personal training from highly skilled and knowledgable personal trainers.

Our stellar 150+ reviews from various sources validate the quality of service that we've delivered to our group fitness and personal training clients.  We have helped our clients lose weight, get stronger, get healthier, and feel better about themselves.

 We've helped many youth athletes optimally develop and excel in their sports and have had numerous athletes earn college scholarships.  Our professional and collegiate athlete's testimonials speak for themselves.  

(FYI, we didn't purchase advertising space on yelp or thumbtack to be "ranked" on their lists as many other have.)   

All of our trainers and coaches have a vested interest with regards to how and what you are training for.



Trainers and Education:

• Exercise Science instructors at PSU

• Guest speakers at education and athletic        departments

• An internship location for several colleges       and universities

• A location for personal training                      certification mentorships

Weight loss:

  • We have multiple clients that have lost over 50 lbs. Several clients have lost 80+ pounds. Click HERE to see some of the results. 

Helping people move better and eat healthier:

In the process of training and developing elite athletes, we’ve learned the most modern and cutting edge methods of training that lead to proper and efficient movement. We’ve also seen it all in regards to the “latest and greatest” pertaining to fad diets and exotic training tools, and we don’t believe in them.

Average Joe:

We help the average person with their goals of :

  • Competing and completing Tough Mudders, Marathons, Triathlons, Police and Military Bootcamps, Color Runs, Spartan Races, 5ks
  • Moms lose baby weight 
  • Get Brides Wedding Ready
  • Managing Disease and Autoimmune Disease

Speed Training:

  • Christian Gabriel - 60 yd dash dropped from 7.2 to 6.8
  • Nick Serafino – 60 yd dash dropped from 6.9- 6.7
  • Sydney Franchek - 100m dash dropped from 13.5-13.1
  • Niko Mamula - 40 yd dash dropped from a 5.62 to a 5.16 and he did 9 pull ups at 290lbs
  • Hunter Steele - went from 260lbs to 290lbs and his 40 yd dash dropped from 5.9 to 5.1
  • Joe Setticase - at 265 lbs ran 40 yds at 4.88 electronic
  • Alexa C- D1 Women’s Lax Player 20yd dash dropped 2 tenths in 6 weeks

Youth Training:

  • We have trained two first round NHL draft picks from the age of 12 and 15, respectively, and have continued to help them develop throughout their highly successful careers.
  • We are experts in Long Term Athletic Development(LTAD) based on European and Australian LTAD models.

Advanced Athlete Training:

  • This past summer, we trained an NHL All Star and 2x Stanley Cup winner, another budding NHL player, eight division one athletes, and several other collegiate athletes playing sports that range from football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, basketball, motocross, wrestling, and track.
  • 2015 we had 3 players in the NCAA Frozen Four and all advanced to the second round


  • World class powerlifting facility
  • World Record Holders train here
  • Currently four women actively competing on the UP team


Benefit from the same methodology and instruction as the top pro athletes through small group training and 1-on-1 training.

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FusionFIT is a fun and intense way to train. The classes are High Intensive Interval Training(HIIT) based that build muscle and burn fat.  


High-performance off-season and pre-draft training for the pros with focus on skills, body composition, speed, and nutrition.  
One-on-one and small group training is available for the average person.  Our trainers tailor the workouts to your fitness needs and goals.

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