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To Become An Elite College or Professional Athlete Requires Knowing HOW to Train.

At Umberger Performance we help you reach your personal goals through a focus on SAFETY and RESULTS through our fitness classes and personal training. We teach you – individually and in classes – the right way to reach your personal goals.

The same techniques we use to train Olympic athletes at our facility are applicable to your everyday workout. While the level and intensity differ (significantly), the principles are the same.

That is why our first priority is SAFETY – Because you cannot reach your goal if you are injured! We have trained two different NHL players, over multiple seasons, that have the current “Iron Man” records at the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Columbus Bluejackets.  The “Iron Man” record is consecutive games played across several seasons.

We provide:

  • High Intensity Interval Training Workouts(HIIT)

  • 1 on 1 coaching from experienced experts who train pros

  • Structured workouts which differ daily & rotate in 3 week blocks

  • Fun and focused workout setting

  • No judgment! No intimidation!

  • Small classes, great people

Our workouts are personally designed by our experts for YOU.  These ARE NOT cookie cutter or fly by the seat of our pants workouts.  We don’t do body weight circuits or 1 minute circuit-based workouts for the entire workout session.

Visit us TODAY at our Robinson Township location on Campbell’s Run Road to experience a better workout.

Adult Group Fitness Classes

                   HIIT ADULT fitness Classes

Sports Performance Training for Athletes

What should the priority be, to improve performance to injury prevention? We believe that improving performance by default means to reduce the risk and probability of injury. You want your athlete to excel but you have to do it wisely. You have to prepare for sport. It’s not natural. Our focus is in making better athletes. The better the athletes the easier it is to pick up the specific skills of their sports. If they move and function properly, they will become more injury resistant. With a year round competition schedule, the need for training outside of sport is needed more now than anytime in history because of the rampant amount of over use injuries caused by sport specialization. We are less “fit” and less athletic and we are more injured and obese as a society than we have been in decades.


Personal Training

Personal Training is paying for an experts time to design a specific lifestyle change for you. Fitness/Wellness isn’t just a 30-60 minute workout. It’s a lifestyle change that will ensure that your goals will be permanent changes. Fad diets and shortcuts fail, hence why there’s a “new” one every other month. Our personal trainers are all experts. Each has passed our standards which are higher that what certifications companies believe as a standard. We provide world class continuing education and push our trainers to further their knowledge as much as their time and budgets allow. We only bring in trainers that want to learn and grow and be part of our team.


 HIIT Adult Fitness Class ScheduleHIIT Adult Fitness Class

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