PJ Pedrosky a true Pittsburgher

A friend of mine whom I’ve know since I was cognizant died a few weeks ago at the age of 31.  He died from complications  of leukemia.  Without any prior health issues, he went into the hospital on a Tuesday and passed away on Sunday morning- out of the blue.  His name is PJ Pedrosky and he leaves 3 young children.

We grew up playing baseball and basketball together and against each other at times.  As we grew older we slowly separated to different groups of friends.  None the less, we stayed in touch as I went to college and he went on to the real world with a very good job with a now debunk Lucent Technologies.

It’s taken me some time to talk about this because I wasn’t really sure what to say.  What can you say?  Maybe I’d be “better with it” had it been an accident.  Accidents happen all the time right?  31 year old don’t die within 6 days of going to the hospital.  We should be burying grandparents and maybe parents as they age.  That’s life. People die.

What’s to be said about PJ?  You don’t get much better than this guy.  He’s the kind of guy that would do anything for you, didn’t really matter what.  He was always into something… more like 5 somethings.  Doing side work and helping people all over the place.  If he wasn’t doing it for free, you can bet that it was a lot cheaper than what he was worth.

I could go on for hours and hours about this but I won’t.  He doesn’t deserve someone gushing over him.  He was  an old school first class guy that this world will truly miss.

My last memory of PJ is when I was sitting the church from which the funeral was taking place thinking “this SOB filled this church.”  He left such a mark on this world that he filled a decent sized church on a Thursday morning!  The viewing was a nightmare.  A convention center was needed for the viewing, not a funeral home.  The viewing filled 6 viewing/attendance books.

Nothing that I can say can top that… His goodness and charity spoke itself that day.

“Rest in peace my friend.  I shall see you soon, but not too soon!”

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