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Adults Who Want More Than Crossfit

There’s a fine line that exists in my world and the world of those that train vs. those that workout.  Let me define that for you before we go any further.

Training:  Someone on an elite/hardcore level who trains does not “mail it in.”  They are working towards a specific goal.  These are people that train and compete in powerlifting, Olympic weight lifting, strongman, bodybuilding & figure/fitness, mountain biking, endurance races (marathons, triathlons, cycling, masters track and swimming), and real mud runs to name a few activities.   They are that person.  In many instances, this is their job and something that pays the bills.

To a lesser extent, there are the “ordinary people” that love training and fitness and don’t miss workouts.  It’s part of what they do each day of the week. It is a priority in their life the same as their family and work.  They need that outlet for stress release.  They need to loose themselves in pushing it to the limit, just like they have their entire lives.  They don’t perspire or even sweat.  They sweat their asses off.  Even on a recovery day, they walk out with a sense of accomplishment.

Working Out:  Working out is an activity that one does because they are bored or perhaps are concerned with their health. They are overweight and unhappy about it, but in most cases they don’t care to make a lifestyle change to improve their diet. They simply figure that working out a few times a week is good enough. In the end, they don’t enjoy it and don’t have REAL desire to accomplish something. They don’t have a goal and being healthy is not a priority in their life.

Where do you fit in?

In talking with my college athletes who have moved on from their careers post collegiate sports, I’ve discovered a large void in what’s available to those that still want to train, not workout.  Crossfit has filled that void and is a HUGE reason for their success.  The last time I checked, there were about 27 Crossfit gyms in the Pittsburgh area.  I personally think that Crossfit sucks for the majority of people doing it.  It has become a “cult” for the 20-30 something single people that want to train with minimal clothes, date one another, wear long colorful socks, and eat Paleo.  Not everyone, but most.  The good side is that they do train, are intense in training, have a great community, and lifts weights.  They are fit.  But, are they healthy?  That’s where my problem with Crossfit begins and ends.


Walk into a “globo gym” and walking out is the best part of the workout because you don’t have to around “those people” anymore.  Those people could be a wide array of people from clueless high school kids, to the cardio bunnies, to the bruhs wearing tank tops and gloves doing curls in the squat rack.  There’s also Mr. or Mrs. social butterfly that doesn’t do anything except bother you and everyone else who is trying to get in a training session.  And yes, many of those attributes crossover to each other including the girls wearing makeup and $100 yoga pants to workout(they’re nice, I know) to the guys hitting on them after they get a chest workout in on Monday, which is National Chest Day across the US.

With that being said, there’s a need for a training facility in Pittsburgh where adults who have been athletes or enjoy training like athletes want more than what LA Fitness, Snap Fitness and surely more than what Planet Fitness offers them.  They want an environment where it’s ok to get chalk on the floor but not get MERSA from a bench.  They are looking for community of dedicated, likeminded people that respect training and respect the facility that allows that. They desire those things but do not want to be part of the Crossfit cult.

What We Have at Umberger Performance

Our tribe is vast at Umberger Performance.  Our clients are dedicated to becoming a better version of themselves.  Their passion is for living a better, healthier life.   From our competitive athletes (professional to youth) to our adult athletes and fitness clients, everyone shares that same desire to improve themselves.  We have former NHL 1st round draft picks who have grown to full time NHL players to clients that have lost over 80 pounds.  Their genetics and talents may vary. Their commitment does not.

Depending on the person, their experience/background, their current level of trainedness(shape/condition) there are a few options before heading straight into an EliteFit class.  Some need to have a few "side" session to clean up or introduce new techniques.  Other needs a few weeks of higher volume training which can be easily achieved through our FusionFit classes.

The main option and focal point of what we do for adult athletes are the EliteFit classes.  We do offer a monthly gym membership where Umberger Performance is available to our members to train how they want to train.