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Adult Training Methodology

Scott Umberger’s resume speaks for itself as do his real world results for both athletes and fitness training clients. What isn’t spoken about, unless you talk to him, is his passion to learn from the best and brightest in the world. He regularly travels to conferences where some of the best coaches and scientist not only speak but attend in person. Scott has conversed with coaches that have trained multiple Gold Medal winning 100m sprint champions and world record holders in the long and triple jump. We aren’t talking about NCAA champions, we are talking about the best in the world and the best that have EVER lived. When asked about improving performance vs. preventing injury Scott uses a quote that he heard from San Francisco 49ers director of elite performance, Fergus Connolly, say sums up what his job is working with clients. “By default the definition of improving performance is to reduce the risk and probability of injury.”

If that makes 100% sense when applying that concept to training traditional athletes shouldn’t it also apply to adults training to be fit? Regardless of how important training actually is to you, you still have to go to work tomorrow to provide for yourself and family.

What’s our training methodology at Umberger Performance? It is to allow an adult athlete to train and train as intensely as they want for as long as they want.  One can call it various forms of High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT). We use our experience to give all clients what they need. That may not always be what they want. No one wants to do rehabilitation work to fix an injury. It is however what is best for them at that time which will allow for better, more intense training down the road.

The fitness industry and the internet have created some very bad options in the US. Renowned coach of the elite, Mike Young, in a blog post called “Training Sanity” had this to say;

“A couple years back a fitness coach and dance choreographer named Shaun T came up with a workout program to rival P90x. It was called Insanity. The Insanity Workout to be specific. If you’ve seen only a handful of infomercials in your life you’ve probably seen one for the Insanity Workout. Shaun T touted the workout as a butt-kicking, fat -blasting, high intensity workout, that took advantage of intervals to produce results. It was nothing ground-breaking for those who work with athletes. In fact, in many regards it brought what athletes have been doing for years to the general public (similar to P90x or CrossFit). From what I can tell it’s like P90x on steroids…..high intensity exercise with a variety of means and methods including strength training. All of which have been well established in the athletic development community as part of any good training problem. The only thing really ground breaking was that it brought these concepts to the general public. What’s interesting is that the product was branded as “insane” to make it sell. Meanwhile in the world of athletic development we’re increasingly seeing things that are border-line insane be touted as sound training advice.”

We will teach you how to sprint, jump, accelerate, decelerate, squat, deadlift, Olympic Weight lift.  We will also throw medicine balls and perform advanced strength training techniques used by elite athletes as well as professional physique athletes.


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