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Adult Fitness Classes Schedule

Adult Fitness Classes in Robinson Township

Training for All Levels of Adult Fitness

These classes can be called "bootcamps", adult fitness classes, or small group training in Robinson Township.  Lets face it, men don't like the term "bootcamp" since it's typically marketed to women.  Men, still want the results of being leaner and more fit.  All of our classes are the perfect mix of being challenging of each participant and still "hard core" enough for men.  Because of the quality instruction in a world class sports performance facility we are able to deliver both.  All classes are various forms of High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) blending to fit each clients current level of experience and fitness with the ability to move up to the more intense classes as they progress.

 FusionFit-moderate to advanced.  Easily customizable to individual needs where warranted.

EliteFit- advanced training for adult athletes who are typically for former athletes and those looking to push their fitness and to do it workout injury. This is a strength training based class.

Results that speak for themselves!