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EliteFIT- Advanced Fitness Training

What is EliteFit? Our definition is this: “EliteFit is a safer version of Crossfit.” We say that with a smirk, because Crossfit is THE current fitness craze across the country. Millions of words, both good and bad, have been written about Crossfit. Regardless, with Crossfit’s success it is pretty apparent that there is a market for people who want to push their fitness to the extreme. As a former two sport D1 athlete, Scott Umberger, the owner of Umberger Performance, appreciates the desire to have that “fix” of pushing yourself. Being pushed beyond ones perceived abilities doesn't happen in daily corporate American life, unless you count being forced to work more hours than what you are being paid.  What else is out there in regards to challenging the above average persons fitness level?  Doing "chest" every Monday at La Fitnesses isn't exactly challenging or fun.  It is unbearable!

That being said, Crossfit pushes people to their edge, which if done properly, is great. Most (not sometimes and not occasionally) of the time, Crossfit uses Olympic Weightlifting (OL) movements in their workouts. For certain populations, like former elite division one athletes who happen to OL throughout their 4-5 years of college, this may make sense and be a viable option, but it should never be performed when experiencing excessive fatigue.

At Umberger Performance, we don’t feel that the risk of injury is worth the reward. Scott has trained two first round NHL draft picks from an early age(12 and 15) as well as a 36 year old 2x Stanley Cup winner all are renowned for playing complete NHL season multiple years in a row.  They're typically called "iron men" in the NHL.  Scott understands the need for performance and being "bullet proof".  Aesthetically speaking, these elite athletes are build like greek gods which is a side benefit to elite performance training.

In a recent study posted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (the research arm of the Nation Strength Coaches Association) a Crossfit style workout resulted in 16% of the participants leaving the workout due to overuse or injury over the 10 week study. The interesting data would have been to see how many of the surviving participants would have become injured after another 10 weeks of training.

Olympic Weightlifting is the most complex weight lifting movements in existence, and they cannot be done in a state of extreme fatigue during the workout. Olympic Weightlifting, is by design, an explosive movement. When using them in training both athletes and those competing in Olympic Weightlifting as sport, it is a must to rest completely between sets. It was said a few years ago, “if someone tries having a conversation with you about doing an explosive moment like OL’s for endurance, walk away from the conversation."  How can you achieve an advanced level of fitness if you are injured?  What good is this goal if you can't go to work that next day?

In working with athletes at any level, elite or youth, our goal is to make them as injury proof as possible for their sport. So, why and how does that fit into the game plan for the average person looking for a little more of a challenge in their personal fitness? Great abs or glutes doesn’t mean that you have to get injured getting the results you want. We won’t give you a t-shirt for puking. That’s senseless. If you push that hard, you will need 3+ days to recover from that workout.

Enough of what EliteFit isn’t, here is what EliteFit is: Our initial classes are 4 weeks in nature. They must be signed up for in that fashion. The classes will progress as we teach advanced movements to the attendees. (We aren’t about to group 3 exercises together and involve a dangerous compound movement, such as a squat, for someone that isn’t comfortable squatting the bar let alone trying to do it with a heart rate of 175.) Like Crossfit, we expect more from you than you expect of yourself. Everyone has mental limitations. Our job is to push you past your comfort zone.

The workouts will be structured similar to the workouts for our more advanced athletes. In our Fusion Workouts, many of the exercises being used mimic those being used by our athletes. In EliteFit, there isn’t a month long beginner exercise program for some of the movements. Once competency to perform the given exercise (jump, medicine ball throw, squat, bench press, etc.) is shown, the attendee is expected to push themselves in the exercise. If someone is having a particular issue with an exercise, we will modify it until competency is reached. We also have the ability and knowledge to modify exercises based on prior injuries. Believe it or not, not being forced to do an overhead press isn’t going to make your delts any less ripped.

Who IS NOT a fit for EliteFit:

  • Someone who simply wants to learn how to squat to perform a basic weight room exercise. We are teaching these lifts, however it’s not a “101” class. The idea is to be competent at weeks end and be able to perform the movement at a respectable weight while performing other exercises in that circuit.  We would like to building on what is learned.  We would like to advance each member of the class as quickly as possible.  We aren't trying to be powerlifters, but since "Strong is the new sexy" we are shooting for competence000124
  • From a women’s perspective, “I don’t want to get big!” If we even need to have a conversation about why this is a stupid comment, then the classes are not for you. The real answer is backed by a few decades of science.
  • A “bro” that wants to train shirtless. We don’t do that at Umberger Performance.
  • Someone who is a “group workout social participant”. This isn’t social hour. There is and will be camaraderie, however, you will be coming to each workout looking to get pushed by us and your training partners. You’re not coming to talk about your day. Do that before or after. Go talk about it over a beer-after the workout!
  • If this type of class is not in your “sweet spot” we offer a few other options from beginner to intermediate that suit various fitness level and needs.

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Who IS EliteFit made for:

  • Former athletes who are looking for the “fix” that they experienced when playing sports.
  • Non-former athletes who love to work hard and want a little more fromtheir fitness.
  • People that can handle getting “called out” for not finishing a sprint, cutting a corner, sand bagging, etc. This class is about doing THE best that you can do. That means starting and finishing with great effort. We all have mental lapses, especially when we are tired. However, don’t act like an over sensitive baby when you get “coached up”.
  • Someone who is sick of a “bro” environment. Dudes don’t wear pink. Dudes don’t wear gloves. Dudes don’t wear tank tops or wife beaters. Everyone wears a shirt. We don’t flex in the mirrors. Those are the facility rules and are posted at the entrance. If you don’t like that, there are other options out there for you.  We will support each other and work hard.

What we will being doing:

  • Teaching you how to sprint. Since 80% of recreational runners get injured (excessive volume and back running technique) we are going to spend 5-10 minutes initially teaching the class how to run properly. When we do perform sprint work, #1 your chance of getting injured will greatly decrease and #2 you will run faster which should increase your heart rate.
  • We will test everyone’s Anaerobic Threshold, max heart rate, and Vo2Max. Why? The workout and rest period will be customized to you. Additionally, the recovery workouts around EliteFit can be done properly if you understand your specific ranges. 150 bpm could be easy for one person and could be 90% of someone else’s max heart rate.
  • We will jump. The jumping will advance as much or as far the group can handle. Plyometrics are for very advanced/elite athletes. We don’t have any conception of that in America. Look up the late Dr. Yuri Verkhoshanky’s work if you would like more information about plyos. He would know, he invented them.
  • We will be throwing medicine balls (5-8 different types of throws) in a max effort fashion like athletes do. There is technique to maximize ones ability to be explosive. You will learn that.
  • We are going to perform various version of squats (back, front, box, Olympic, safety bar, bands and chains), deadlifts (conventional, sumo, trap bar, deficit, bands/chains), and bench presses (flat, incline, floor with various bars and dumbbells, chain/bands, 1 arm versions as well as fat grip versions), pull ups and chin ups in regular grip, semi-supinated, and fat grip, and just about any other exercise that we use to enhance the fitness and performance of our athletes. That also includes strongman movements like flipping tires, sledge hammer hits, fire hose slams, sand bag work, key carries, and wheelbarrow work.
  • We will teach you how to train smart which will lead to a healthier you.

Requirements for EliteFit:

A positive attitude and a willingness to have fun pushing yourself and the rest of the group.

A desire to strength train. 



Class are being held on Monday and Wednesday evening at 6:30!