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CrossFit Alternative

Crossfit Alternative?

Looking for a safe Crossfit alternative? Something that will get you the results and not the injury risk?  Scott Umberger has designed an adult program called EliteFit which is modeled after the work that he performs with his professional and collegiate athletes. There is a constant question regarding the primary goal in training athletes.  Should the focus be on improving performance(strength, speed, explosiveness) or to prevent injury? Improving performance is the ultimate goal.  Athletes “get paid” to score points and to run fast etc.   Improving performance by default, means reducing injury risks and probability. When training athletes, our goal is to improve performance while not injuring the athletes while doing so.  In other words, Don’t Get Hurt Training to NOT get hurt!

“One thing that Crossfitters like to do is bond over injury”

I imagine that you have to go to work tomorrow?  Getting injured while working on having a lean fit body isn’t something that your boss wants to hear about.  “I can’t come into work because I can’t use a mouse, I hurt my shoulder finishing the WOD!”

crossfit alternative

Our core business is training athletes.  Injuries happen and the ones that happen at Umberger Performance are VERY rare.   We don’t do dangerous exercised in a fatigued state.

Our professional MMA fighters have medically confirmed resting heart rates between 34-44 bpm.  Some parts of their training consist of lactic capacity training sessions that are terribly grueling and trash the athlete.  However, the exercises being used in the training session place them in the least dangerous position to get injured.  They get punched in the face for a living.  They don’t need to get hurt training outside of the octagon/cage.

We provide the intense environment, the proper programing,  and coaches with actual experience training AND coaching.

crossfit alternative                                    crossfit alternativecrossfit alternative

Scott has trained two NHL players who have franchise “Ironman” records(consecutive games played).  He understands the balance between results and safe quality training.

Taken from a 2014 Pittsburgh Post Gazette article discussing UP client, Craig Adams of the Pittsburgh Penguin’s consecutive game streak;

“If you’re looking at guys on our team for taking care of themselves and being in shape, preparing, I don’t think you’re going to find one better than Craig Adams, from his off-ice [training] in the summertime to what he does during the season,”

Pittsburgh Penguins and 2014 USA Olympic Team Head Coach Dan Bylsma

Craig Adams works with personal trainer Scott Umberger (cousin of R.J. Umberger of the Columbus Blue Jackets). They share an interest in always seeking new techniques and workouts.

“He’s constantly evolving, trying to get better, more efficient, more specific, all those things,” Craig Adams said.

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