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Fusion Workouts are a combination of personal training, circuit training, and fitness bootcamps wrapped into one intense fun filled hour of our Fitness Bootcamp in Robinson Township, Pa.

If you want to get serious about weight loss and fat burning, these workouts are for you! We utilize High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) concepts that have been used by athletes for decades.  Since this class is designed for intermediate to advanced adult fitness clients, the intensity can be dialed up or down to meet the needs and training level of the client.

The Fusion Workouts are held at Umberger Performance in Robinson Township which is a world class sports performance facility.  The great news is that Fusion Workouts are not restricted to using the 5 pound dumbbells that you bring to boot camp.  Umberger Performance is the most “outfitted” private facility in Pittsburgh opening up workouts to prevent boredom and maximize results.


HIIT Class Schedule

HIIT Class Schedule

NOTE: Other times can be added upon request.


Please keep in mind that these are real people.  We didn’t buy before and after pictures like many of the other “bootcamp” companies here in Pittsburgh/Robinson Township. Yeah, I know who and what they are because I could have purchased them myself.  Our clients who shop at the same stores and malls are buying new skinny jeans.  Our men are wearing “modern” slim fit t-shirts with pride.  That’s not “Abercrombie smediums”.

These are real Pittsburghers who have invested and committed to working hard and have experienced real results with Fusion Workouts at Umberger Performance.  Keep stopping back, I’ll be updating the videos weekly. I have another 5-7 video testimonials with massive results.






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