Training Athletes in Pittsburgh

A little thought here.. I recieved a text message from one of my 14 year old clients asking me about diet and training questions this week.  His tryouts start next week.  Take in mind that I haven’t seen this client in 6 months.  No matter, he’s a good kid and I’ll do anything that I […]

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Pittsburgh Monster Bench this past weekend..

My man Chris did the editing but didn’t put the weights down on the video.. I opened with 405 on the bench and got red lighted(miss) for my ass coming up I hit 420 clean I missed 440 and almost killed myself. On the deadlift I opened with 550 next to 600-smoked it.. and smoked […]

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PJ Pedrosky a true Pittsburgher

A friend of mine whom I’ve know since I was cognizant died a few weeks ago at the age of 31.  He died from complications  of leukemia.  Without any prior health issues, he went into the hospital on a Tuesday and passed away on Sunday morning- out of the blue.  His name is PJ Pedrosky […]

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Umberger Performance Video now loaded to you tube…

I’ve finally loaded some video to Youtube.. Much of the initial stuff  is my training…  I’m loading the rest over the coming days.  If you’ve done this, you know that it takes some time to load the video to the actual site… Umberger Performance on youtube….

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Balance Training for Ice Hockey

Eric Cressey sent some comments out on his newsletter that were fantastic. ( It stems from his heavily research book called The Truth About Unstable Surface Training ( Ice Hockey coaches all over the country think that they are different.  They are on 2 blades and requires their training to be so different right?  Wrong.  […]

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Diet down to 181 for the Monster’s of Bench Meet

I was going to diet and drop from 194 to 189-190ish the loose the water weight the week before the meet.  After thinking about it.  I don’t really want to got through all of the weight loss to do 2 lifts.  I’m not competing against anyone other than my own numbers. In addition, it’s not […]

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