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Balance Training, Stupid Training or Worthwhile?

This is an article that I author for elitefits.com.  Here’s the link for the direct article on their site. Stupid Training Tools: Balance Training TAGS: Ralph Mann, motor learning, Todd Hardgrove, rear elevated split squat, balance training, stupid training tools,Scott Umberger, physical preparation, coach, injury, athlete Before I begin, I’d like to clarify that this […]

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The Dirty Dirty on Cleanses

Cleanse Detox & Multi-Level Marketing This is going to be broken down into two parts.  The first is about cleanse detox programs, which will be kept short as I will leave the details to the articles I have linked.  The second part will be informing you about multi-level marketing companies(MLM) and their invasion of the […]

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Craig Adams “Ironman” streak continues for Penguins….

Ice Hockey Training is paying off for Adams.  Great to see Craig Adams getting some credit for his “Ironman” consistency. (The article is also below) Both he and RJ Umberger do what they need to do in the offseason with their sports performance training and are meticulous with their preparation during the season.  Take away […]

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Youth Sports Injuries from “over gaming” them?

Here’s a summary of three recent articles that have been posted on our Umberger Performance Facebook Fan Page covering youth sports injuries.  Give us a “like” to get the information faster along with other cool human performance related information.   This explains the data on injuries pretty clearly…  Don’t think that there is a problem? Statistics […]

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Is your youth sports program injuring you or your athlete?

Youth Sports Training Programs This article about youth sports training was taken from Mark Mclaughlin’s Performance Training Center blog page.  Link to the Post.   Mark is easily one of the top 20 physical preparation coaches in the country, most likely a top 10 coach.  This post does a fantastic job of providing quotes from experts as well […]

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Testimonial from a Collegiate Woman’s Lacrosse Coach

I started working with Rachel Cibulas three years ago via our Fusion Workouts which is Umberger Performance’s version of a fitness bootcamp.  Being around our sports performance athletes, she observed how my sports training methodology was very unique in training athletes like athletes.  This evolved into many conversations about human performance and sports performance training, […]

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Umberger Performance Ice Hockey Training featured by the NHL Columbus Bluejackets

Ice Hockey Training Done Right in Pittsburgh! The Columbus Blue Jackets featured Umberger Performance and our ice hockey training in between periods in recent NHL Ice hockey game. Once the Blue Jackets send me the video, I’ll up load it.  In the interim you have to use the link…  http://video.bluejackets.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=0&id=161786

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Fitness Bootcamps Deals!

Fitness Bootcamps at Umberger Performance Fitness bootcamp deal featured at Robinson Township fitness center for every body type and fitness goal. Due to the overwhelming traffic that this site is experiencing, the site is moving very slow!  Our apologies! Living Social didn’t put the details in the coupon saying “Fusion Workouts” which are what we call […]

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