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The Dirty Dirty on Cleanses

Cleanse Detox & Multi-Level Marketing This is going to be broken down into two parts.  The first is about cleanse detox programs, which will be kept short as I will leave the details to the articles I have linked.  The second part will be informing you about multi-level marketing companies(MLM) and their invasion of the […]

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Two Part Seminar at Umberger Performance

Scott will be giving a two part seminar outlining all of methods that he’s learned over the past 20 years and are used by elite athletes all over the world. The seminar is open to everyone interesting in learning these principles that are time tested and used by those winning gold medals and breaking world […]

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Metal in the protein that Pittsburgh Athletes are eating?

Umberger Performance specialize in maximizing results with sports performance athletes and personal training clients.  The time that we get with those clients is often limited so athletes and clients need to maximize what they are putting into their bodies.  We offer SDC’s About Time Protein that has four ingredients.  The protein is a Whey Isolate not a cheaper Whey Compound found in many others.  The sports […]

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