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Personal Training and Sports Performance Training interview #2 with Push Strength in Toronto.

Matt finishes up picking Scott’s brain about the personal training and sports performance training his athletes experience in Pittsburgh, Pa. Interview with Scott Umberger – Part 2 Posted on February 4, 2014 by Matt Kuzdub I’ll be honest with you, the previous blog post with Scott Umberger from Umberger Performance was just a teaser. If you really want to know what Scott […]

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Too Many Games Not Enough Sports Performance Training to Combat Injuries in Youth Athletes

Too many games not enough sports performance training/cross training Here’s another case for offseason sports performance training to serve as “cross training” for all athletes.  The key word is athlete.  What kind of athletes are we developing?  One that is adaptable to various collegiate and professional tactical schemes/systems or a specialist at 16 that can only fit […]

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Youth Sports After I was done playing division one football under former NFL coaches I decided to coach youth sports.  Actually I coached high school football for three years.  In looking back, what qualified me to coach these athletes?  Because I knew the sport of football? Ironically, that’s only one piece of the puzzle.  Despite being a […]

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Are young athletes playing to many games? An Expert Surgeon Thinks So!

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Just competitions and no sports performance training injuring your young athlete? A high end surgeon makes a case for sports performance training outside of team games because all organizations do is play games.  This is an awesome interview with an expert surgeon who has had it with overuse injuries and youth athletes who are only playing […]

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Sports Training- James Smith Sounds Off

Some Truths About Sports Training This is from my friend and mentor and former Pittsburgh sports training except, James Smith.  He’s since moved to Portugal to work with Ruby.  This is from a Q&A section from elitefts.com.  He goes by “The Thinker” because he wasn’t permitted by his employer to use his real name in […]

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Russian Ice Hockey verse the US Hockey System

Are the Russians Doing a Better Job at Sports Performance Training(specifically hockey)? I know that USA Ice Hockey’s USDM is pretty good and that they are making strides to improve the quality of our sports performance training and ice hockey system throughout the entire country.  Below is an outline of the Russian Ice Hockey system.  As you […]

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Is your youth sports program injuring you or your athlete?

Youth Sports Training Programs This article about youth sports training was taken from Mark Mclaughlin’s Performance Training Center blog page.  Link to the Post.   Mark is easily one of the top 20 physical preparation coaches in the country, most likely a top 10 coach.  This post does a fantastic job of providing quotes from experts as well […]

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GRIT… The Real “X” Factor for Sport Performance and Life Success

Secrets of Sports Performance and Personal Training Reflecting back on this past summer about the sports performance and personal training at Umberger Performance, some situations leave me feeling really good about the effort and progress made by some of my athletes and other situations leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.  Don’t get […]

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What it takes to achieve success as an athlete!

Sport Performance Training Secrets Reflecting back on this past summer and the sports performance training at Umberger Performance, some situations leave me smiling feeling really good about the effort and progress made by some of my athletes and other situations leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.  Don’t get me wrong, all of […]

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