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Master the testing done at College Football Camps!

Speed is a skill that very few have.  The 40 yard dash is an even more refined skill due to the “start”.

Position specific drills are also a skill that isn’t practiced much in high school.

From a skill position players perspective, how often have your run man to man coverage and from an offensive players perspective how often do you see man to man defense?  That goes for LB’s and RB’s too. You will have to do some 1 on 1 drills in man to man coverage at most camps.  Be prepared!

For “the Bigs”(interior lineman), there is very little passing that is done at the high school level in the Pittsburgh area.  Pass blocking and pass rushing techniques aren’t practiced a lot(because passing isn’t the focus of many offenses) and the techniques that we’ve seen are from the 1980’s.  Watch the NFL combine to validate what I’m talking about.  The offensive lineman “hover” and float.  The kick step when out with the old school belly shirts and mullets.

In most cases, the players at these camps are as good if not better than you are.  You won’t be able to “just make a play” like you can do at practice against sub par talent.  In college, you are an all star playing against all stars.  A sexy move or a bull rush won’t work against a great player.  You will look stupid if you are not prepared to put your best foot forward. At the college level, over half of the time practice time is spent mastering position specific skills.

This flyer(linked below) will explain all of the details of this 4 weekend camp.  Why 4 sessions?  Because an athlete isn’t going to be proficient at a skill in two hours.  These skills take practice and refinement in order to shine at these camps.  You(ie your parents) are spending hundreds of dollars in enrollment fees, travel, and food to attend these college football camps, why not position yourself for maximal performance?  1% make to play division one sports.  There’s a reason for that.  Control what you can control.  Your knowledge, comfort, and mastery of testing and drills is something that you can control.

2015 Umberger Performance College Football Combine Letter

We’ve trained numerous D1 football players and have dropped several tenths off of their 40 times.  We’ve also made them much better football players by improving their position specific skills. This doesn’t happen in a weekend hence the 8 hours of program design and education, not two hours one weekend.  We’ve made it affordable while still providing elite level coaching.  

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