Testimonial from a Collegiate Woman’s Lacrosse Coach

I started working with Rachel Cibulas three years ago via our Fusion Workouts which is Umberger Performance’s version of a fitness bootcamp.  Being around our sports performance athletes, she observed how my sports training methodology was very unique in training athletes like athletes.  This evolved into many conversations about human performance and sports performance training, specifically how it pertained to the game of Lacrosse.  These extensive conversations lead to me consulting with her on the previous two programs that she’s head coached.

Proper Sports Training Leads to On the Field Results

We went over the entire concept of training athletes like athletes, not like weight lifters.  We discussed the concept of working from general to specific in every area of their training.  This pertains to both Lacrosse skills and their physical preparation.   Her open-mindedness has translated into a healthier more successful team.  The results speak for themselves as her letter outlines.  It was a pleasure working with her and the girls and I look forward to working Adrian in the future!


Her letter-


Dear Scott,

Adrian Bulldogs

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you on a job well done with our team this year.  As a first year head coach with Adrian, I wanted to make sure I could control the things I could control and one of those things was to implement the ‘right’ strength and conditioning program, which is why I called you.  I also wanted to take the time to let others know why Umberger Performance should be their choice for athletic training and performance.

For those of you thinking Scott is just another weightlifting or strength coach, you are completely misinformed.  The team was used to a coach who made them run just to see vomit or tears – there was no rhyme or reason to their ‘conditioning.’  I knew I had to call Scott right away to overhaul our wellness program.  I use the term wellness, because it was so much more than lifting and running a few days a week. Scott encompassed the girls as a whole, focusing not only on lifting, but running, speed and agilities work and how to properly fuel their bodies.  He was able to break down WHY we did med ball throws and HOW they pertained to lacrosse.  He had us do runs without sticks so we can focus on the FORM of our running which made everything more efficient.   Scott was also able to assess where we were in our season (or out of season) and refocus the program as necessary.  Gone are the days of lifting 3 days a week with running miles upon miles during practice to ‘condition.’

The proof is in the pudding, as we had ZERO injuries and produced 8 All Conference Players and 2 All West Region Players.

If you want to take your personal fitness or team to the next level, it is IMPERATIVE that you call Scott at Umberger Performance!

Thank you again,

Rachel Cibulas

Adrian College Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach

  • 2012 MWLC Coach of the Year, 17-3 Overall Record, 7-0 Conference Record
  • MWLC Regular Season (2011, 2012) and Conference Tournament (2011, 2012) Champions
  • NCAA Division III Tournament Appearance (2011, 2012)
  • (6) MWLC 1st Team All-Conference Players
  • (2) MWLC 2nd Team All-Conference Players
  • (2) IWLCA 1st Team All-West Region Players

2007 Robert Morris University Graduate

  • 2x Captain
  • 2x Letter Winner