Developing an Athlete not just a hockey or lacrosse player

The thoughts of sport specific make me laugh.  This article by one of the greatest minds still alive today, Dr. Yesis.  He reveals the truth about developing athletes which we rarely see with “sport specific” training. This is the sales crap that sells parents who just want the best for their kids. They don’t know any better.  It all sounds good that Johny needs sport specific right?  Wrong!

The better the athlete, the easier it is to learn the sport specific skill!  Specializing at a young age is a mistake as well! Check out this post for more on that from three major DI coaches in Football, Lacrosse, and Track!

Develop the athlete first!  What’s the greatest quality of an athlete?  Hint- its very similar to what makes our special forces soldiers the best in the world.  The answer is adaptability.  The game changes, they can change with it.  If the style of game changes they can change with it.  Look at what has happened to the NHL.  The game has changed, can our athletes change with it?   I guess I’ll allow the international events speak for themselves in regards to how well our hockey specific, Bosu ball squatting hockey players fair.

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