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Facility Fact Sheet

▪ A 35 yard black field turf area with a Lacrosse goal
▪ 5 Custom made Legend Fitness power racks with platform, bumper plates,  and blast straps(similar to the TRX system)
▪ Landmine attachments
▪ 2 Glute Ham Raises
▪ EliteFts Monolift
▪ Legend Fitness Functional Trainer w/ 2 x 150 lb weight stacks
▪ 6 Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Iso Lateral Series Machines
▪ 2 Slide Boards
▪ 3 Safety Squat Bars,  EliteFTS Cambered Bar, Mastadon Squat bar, Trap Dead lifts bars, a football bar, 3 Fat Bars
▪ Full set of Kettlebells with multiple KB’s from 10-106 lbs
▪ Chrome Capped Pro Style Dumbells from 5-125
▪ Strongman Equipment- Logs,  3 sets of Farmers Walk Handles
▪ 3 push/ pull sleds
▪ Tires(15)- varying sizes from 25 lbs to 800 lbs
▪ Complete sets of Medicine Balls and Plyometric Boxes
▪ Jump Stretch Bands and large Chains for varied resistance
▪ 6 weighted vests for added resistance
▪ an 18 foot high block wall for medicine ball work as well as Lax “wall ball”
▪ multiple sets of plyometric boxes from 12” to 42”
▪ Complete Set of Hurdles for mobility and plyometric work
▪ a special stretching and foam rolling area