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What is FusionFit?

FusionFit Workouts combine the best of Boot Camps, Personal Training, HIIT and Circuits Workout.  Why not just Boot Camp? Or Just Personal Training? Or Just HITT? Or Just Circuit Training?   We kept all the pros and removed all of the cons!!  We understand from the 1000′s of hours training clients that cookie cutter programs are ineffective.   Each class starts with Dynamic Warm-Up which research has shown to decrease your risk injury and improved flexibility and mobility. After the warm-up, we start with a HIIT Circuit, we use  HIIT circuits to get heart rate up, build muscle and burn fat. So the HIIT circuit will challenge you to sweat while burning lots of calories and get you strong. After the HIIT circuit , we will be using muscular strength and endurance circuits to build muscles, increase metabolism while. get results.  

We utilize the latest training techniques (including kettlebells, sleds, TRX straps and medicine balls) which are cutting edge & proven to deliver outstanding results, every time. Each workout trains the total body; we incorporate explosive movements with multi-joint movements that get your heart rate up while challenging your entire body. We do not believe in training one body part. Everything we do challenges the”core”. We have been using heart technology for 10 years. We encourage and educate all of our clients on how to maximize workouts through the use of heart rate monitors.

We focus on creating a fun, positive, judgement free, educational, safe, and social environment.  We provide accountability to get you to your goals!!

FusionFit Class schedule


Provide us with some quick information about yourself and Jen McDowell will be in touch to get you set up to start the classes.