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What is FusionFit?

FusionFit Workouts combine the best of Boot Camps, Personal Training, and Circuits Workout.  Why not just Boot Camp? or Just Personal Training? or Just Circuit Training?  We have taken all the pros of each and took out the cons!!  For example, Boot Camps are cookie cutter- with lots of running, jumping jacks, and crunches. How many of those do you really want to do in a week?  We design each workout for the INDIVIDUAL not a GROUP.  We take into account your workout and health history. We understand from the 1000′s of hours training clients that cookie cutter programs are ineffective.  Personal Training is great (if it’s actually personal), but costly.  We customize the workouts for you without the sticker shock.  Circuits are great, so we use circuits in every workout to get your heart rate up, build muscle and burn fat.

We utilize the latest training techniques (including kettlebells and sandbag training) which are cutting edge & proven to deliver outstanding results, every time. Each workout trains the total body; we incorporate explosive movements with multi-joint movements that get your heart rate up while challenging your entire body. We do not believe in training one body part. Everything we do challenges the”core”.

We focus on creating a fun, positive, judgement free, educational, safe, and social environment.  We provide accountability to get you to your goals!!

Who does FusionFit?

Beginners-FusionFit Workouts are designed to your fitness level.  Prior knowledge and experience is NOT required.  Our goal is to design a fun workout that focuses on safety and educating our clients on proper technique.  We break down each exercise so beginners and advanced exercise are challenged!

Men and Women- FusionFit challenges men and women equally.

Overweight Men and Women- FusionFit Workouts create a positive judgement free environment that pushes you to achieve your goals through positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Professionals- FusionFit Workouts don't waste your time waiting on equipment. We understand you busy. You give us an hour and we give you results.

New Mothers- FusionFit Workouts will get the baby weight off.  We will get you back into your pre-pregnancy jeans!

Check out our testimonial page to hear what our clients have to say and see the results.  We can tell you how great we are, but let our clients share their stories!!