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Safe Group HIIT Classes

Fat Loss Results That Last From Safe HIIT Workout Routines !

We do it everyday with people from all walks of life and we’ve been doing it for 7 years!

We will keep you injury free because we are experts that focus on impeccable technique and smart workout design.

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Safety First!

Professional and elite collegiate athletes trust Umberger Performance to improve their performance and to keep them injury free.  An injured athlete isn’t a valuable one.  As an adult you have to either work or be a parent, having a hurt shoulder or back isn’t acceptable.

We can’t stress enough that these are real people living in Pittsburgh, training with Umberger Performance.  These are real people doing workouts that we design AND coach.  That should be the norm for the fitness industry but it shamefully isn’t with the lack of fitness education and internet guru’s available to provide “paper experts”.  These are clients that have made lifestyle changes over months not days.  We don’t do 17 and 21 day challenges to “kick start” you into taking one of our “pyramid scheme shakes a day” for $132 a month.   We are educators(PSU) and coaches that invest in our own education from real experts and real research.  (Not information from not from talk show hosts with billion dollar marketing machines behind them which have been shown by real scientists to speak the truth half the time.)  We share that knowledge with you to not only make your more fit, but also healthier.  These changes are designed to last throughout your lifetime, not fail and fall out of favor until the next dieting or workout fad comes out.  If fads and trends worked, obesity wouldn’t have become a disease.

Please take in mind that these “fat loss” numbers are drops in body fat.  If someone started at 32% body fat and drops 7%, their body fat is now 25%.  That is very dramatic and not always explained by a scale.

We have three levels of classes that will meet your needs and get you started on a permanent lifestyle change.

BeFit -for beginners and those trying to get back into shape after a layoff or an injury

FusionFit– moderate to advanced.  easily customizable to individual needs where warranted.

EliteFit– advanced training for former athletes and those looking to push their fitness and to do it workout injury. Think- safer version of Crossfit.

View Class Schedule here..

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Get started now with a free week no obligation trail and we’ll send you a free 42 page gourmet dessert receipt book!

(Your contact information will be sent to our office manager Jen McDowell who will set you up with your free week trail and the free ebook.  Again zero obligation)


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