High School Football Combine for College Recruiting Camps

Football Combine for College Camps

Are you attending a “recruiting” college football camp this summer as a high school sophomore or junior and trying to earn a college scholarship?   If you are being recruited, there may be 15-20 options this summer.   How many camps are you going to? Can you find the time or the money to “get seen” by these highly demanding collegiate coaches?  How about managing all of these camps with your summer high school team practices?  Every non-team sport athlete(track, wrestling, MMA, weightlifting, etc) in the world “tapers” or “peaks” for events like this.  Our football combine will help you make the best choices based on your size, grades, and position!


Two very specific tests/drills are going to be the focuse of EVERY camp(there may be more as each collegiate program picks and chooses).  They are the 40 yard dash and one on one drills at each position.   Fact– the 40 yard dash is a skill.  It is a learned skilled that takes hours and hours to master.

For the lineman, the one on ones aren’t as big a deal because they are typically practiced regularly at high school practices.   How many of you have been taught techniques that have been used in the 2000’s not the 1970’s? In my experience, my athletes haven’t been taught what’s being taught in college and the NFL right now.   I’ve paid collegiate and professional athletes to come in an work with our OL and DL.

How many of you skilled players have actually done one on one coverage?  If you have, it’s not very much.  99% of the defense played in high school is zone.   You can’t play zone at a camp and athletes get “exposed very quickly”.  The WR and CB are by themselves on an island(In college, we used to call it “Gilligan” after the old tv show, Gilligan’s Island.)  The LB’s are covering RB’s coming out of the back and slot positions and TE’s in both a standup and down position.  You need to be ready and comfortable running patterns and coverage players in the open field.

Please note that there will be collegiate coaches and players working with the players teaching and fine tuning the skill work.  Coaches will have Ipads that will be used to film and evaluate(using slow motion) each players 40’s multiple times per session.  

Here are the complete details of the camp in a down loadable PDF form which will also serve as your registration form.

2014 Umberger Performance College Football Combine

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.