How Bad Do You Want Success?

My OSU guys report late so they continue to get it done here at Umberger Performance…  One of them is a walk on football player who reports when school starts.  He walks in and has me pull up the OSU football roster to show me his name and number.  Because of NCAA crap I’m not going to mention his name. It’s really not worth it messing with his eligibility.  None the less it was pretty cool.

Another guy, Andrew Stimmel finished up his senior year as the Captain of OSU’s Lacrosse team.    He has to go back and finish classes this fall but still has the dream of playing professional lacrosse which is very possible for him.  He walks in, warms up, and then tells me to go watch a video with him.  His teammates picked him as a captain of a top 20 Lacrosse team, so I’m not going to doubt the kid.  The video is going to be entertaining or pretty bad ass.  Well, it was all that and more…


Hump day?  I saw that posted on Facebook a few times this morning.   My additon to his video is Micheal Jordan.  The greatest player ever was on the court shooting the morning after he won a championship.  I’m not sure if it was his first for 6th NBA Championship.

Most of the sports performance athletes that I’m around like sleep more than success.  Some of my personal training and Fusion Workout clients prefer processed carbs over not being obese.  Actually, I don’t have any obese clients right now.  They’ve either quit  or have lost the 30-50+ pounds to take them out of that category. Great work and determination on their part!

I worked 127 straight days with the shortest day being maybe 8 hours in the process of changing over an indoor parking warehouse into Umberger Performance.  The average day was 16 hours.  Having built the most bad ass private training facility in Pittsburgh was not a mistake. Over a 2 year time span before UP, I worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at RMU, got my masters degree (not online), and built my sports performance and personal training client base after moving back to Pittsburgh. Over that time period,  I also lived in Columbus (sold that house), Youngstown, and Mars, Pa.  and have been with the same girl during that time period. (If that didn’t come across correctly we are still together and I want to keep it that way).

Passion and desire overcame sleep!