Live like a warrior.. die like a warrior!

I got this from David Robinson(not the NBA guy) via Mikey Serafin… it comes from the “dairy of a mad man” on the animal pak website.

I saw the wrestler as well.  Great flick.  It left me with an uneasy feeling…

Entry #152
“With my boots on. Recently, I had the pleasure to view the film “The Wrestler” with my lady. While we both thought very highly of the movie, we each came away from it with a different feeling. My girl seemed to see it in a sad and depressing light whereas I found it inspiring in a tragic and melancholic sort of way. Randy “The Ram”, while damaged and reeling, was nonetheless a warrior who for all of his heartbreaking flaws was intent to live and die true to himself, as he saw fit, the judgment of society be damned. There is a somber beauty in that which speaks to me. They used to say that the only way for a true gunslinger in the old west to go out was to die with his boots on. That always sounded right. There is a beauty in doing you until your day is done. To wander aimlessly through life devoid of passion or dreams or goals, bitter and unmotivated, broken and apathetic–that is no way to live. To conduct yourself in accordance with the expectations and standards of another is the ultimate sell out, the sale of your soul. I pray that I can only be so lucky as to struggle and strive and fight. To rise and fall, to bleed and sweat and cry to the heavens. To spend my numbered days and expend my indomitable life force in the unyielding, unapologetic, dogged pursuit of my destiny on my terms. To live like a man, to die like a warrior. At high noon, in the warm rays of the sun, smelling the smoke from my barrel, looking up at the bluest of skies… With my boots on.”