Memorial Day Thoughts from a Sports Performance Coach

As I sit here in Pittsburgh watching “Band of Brothers” for probably the 8th time and after watching the amazing “Pacific” on HBO I am kind of ashamed of every generation since the baby boomers.  I understand that  “movies are movies”.  If 50% of the events that are depicted in these mini series are true,  I feel pathetic and concerned about our countries future.  This has ZERO to do with our military that has served before or after WWII.

These men were drafted, most didn’t enlist.  They were shipped to foreign lands to fight against professional soldiers who were war hardened.  The impossible odds that were faced on a weekly basis will only be know by them.

I assume that someone who had served won’t be reading this because they could care less about computers or the Internet. So for the rest of you, don’t be upset when you loose your cell phone or if you have a bad day.  We are able to have a bad day because thousands of soldiers spent months(some years) in constant rain and mud fighting (day and night)  Japanese soldiers were “dug in” and to a landscape that wasn’t foreign to them.  ie “The Pacific”

We can live our innocent lives because a soldier lives with emotional scares that no one except a soldier could understand.  Ever wonder why “grand pap or your uncle” won’t tell you stories?  They didn’t forget, that’s the problem.

As someone who loves/lives sports and sports performance/physical preparation,  I used to say “go to war” in regards to competing.  That was in my much younger and naive days.

Thank you to all who serve and have served which has given Umberger Performance the opportunity to make the difference in athletes lives.