Sports Performance Training Programs

Sports Performance Training Programs

Profession/Elite Athlete Sports Performance Training Program

The Choice of Elite Athletes This is the most comprehensive and intense program available to the athlete.  General Physical Preparation will quickly lead directly into Sport Specific Preparation.

NFL combine and mini-camp preparations

NHL camps and NHL draft evaluation camp preparation

Vertical Jump and 40 yard preparation

Complete Testing

5-6 days/week – 4-5 multi-session days

Nutrition Plan

Video Analysis

Small Training group specific to intensity of the individual athlete, if that doesn’t exist then the training will be one on one.

High Level Sports Performance Training Program

This program is for the serious high school upper classman and/or college athlete looking to take their game to the next level.  General Physical Preparation(GPP) Phases will be longer and lead to Sport Specific Preparation closer to the season.  This is essential to establish the proper base in which the athlete can build upon.  Each athlete’s program will cater towards correcting potential or currently sport specific overuse injuries.  The idea is to fix what the competitive season has thrown out of balance.  Let’s face it, and injured athlete can play.

  1. Preparation for Senior year of High School or Freshman year of College
    2. Summer Training for Collegiate Season

Complete Testing and Evaluation

4-5 days/week – 2 multi-session days depending on the sport requirements and availability of the athlete

Nutrition Plan

Training groups will consist of like minded athletes who share similar intensities and goals.

Alternate Sports Performance Training Programs

Jr. High and High School Athletes

5 Day Sports Training Program

3 days/week of strength training

2 days/week of speed, conditioning and agility

Nutrition education and plan

4 Day Sports Training Program

2 or 3 days/week of strength training

1 or 2 day(s)/week of speed, conditioning and agility

Nutrition education and plan

3 Day Sports Training Program

1 or 2 day(s)/week of strength training

1 or 2 day(s)/week of speed, conditioning and agility

Nutrition education and plan

2 Day Sports Training Program

1 or 2 day(s)/week of strength training

1 day/week of speed, conditioning and agility

Nutrition education and plan

In season 2 Day Sports Training Program

1 or 2 day(s)/week of strength maintenance

Working on maintaining health/recovery from games & practice

Focus on mobility and maintaining pre season form

Post Surgery- Rehab Program

Designed in conjunction with Physical Therapy or post therapy

We will discuss each athlete’s situation with  their physical therapist

Joint stabilization, muscle balance, acceleration-deceleration, flexibility and more.

The athlete will be slowly introduced to physical activity to prepare them to return to their team full time.

Depending on the athlete’s situation, conditioning could be a strong focus if they are currently in season.

A continuum of the therapy program an injured athlete is on in conjunction to maintain the rest of the bodies strength levels.

Youth Sports Training Programs (boys ages 8-13 and girls ages 8-15)

The goal is to create a fun environment in which the kids will learn how to become better athletes.  They must enjoy training which will lead to a healthier lifestyle down the road.

1 – 3 days/week of youth sports performance training

The pace will be intense and the content will be all-encompassing regarding complete development of athletic skills: sprinting mechanics, acceleration, deceleration,  balance, flexibility, general strength, enhanced motor development/coordination, and confidence.  Strength Training will be a part of the workout but only light weight will be used.

These techniques/skills will lay the proper foundation going forward in the athletes life.

Conditioning will also be a focus of the workouts.

Executive Training for Adults

Designed for the “weekend athlete” who wants to step up their fitness routine and train the way the pro’s do.

Strength training, conditioning, flexibility, core development

A more intense way to achieve a great looking physique that’s also strong and functional in the real world.

This is definitely a more “hard core” way to train and gives the client who used to play sports a way a better and more specific(athletic) way to stay in shape and look and feel great like they used to. Former athletes(or washed up meat heads) have always felt and looked better than the average kid growing up and they want to keep it that way.  They also want to be challenged.  La Fitness and the typical big commercial box gym loaded with gerbil wheels, I mean cardio equipment, doesn’t do that.   If the thought of wasting 45 minutes doing mindless cardio with the rest of the people that look the same as they did 2 years ago is not for you…  Then the personal and more athletic executive program just may be what your looking for.

The prices range from $40-$100 an hour for this program.  If you want personalize attention as well as custom program design similar to what our high level athletes are doing, this is the program for you.

Women’s Fitness

Comprehensive training to enhance strength, flexibility, bone density, balance, and conditioning levels.  Designed especially for the physical needs of women.

Golf Training

Designed to improve functional strength, flexibility, core, and conditioning levels for golfers

Work on mobility to achieve the X position which leads to more distance

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