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Combine Training

NFL, NHL, NLL, and various other combine training for JR. Hockey and high school football.

There are two ways to view combine training preparation…
The first is that you have an event upcoming and you want to prepare for it.   You haven’t been really training much, you are either lifting at the local gym/school. The other extreme is you primarily play your sport with not much side work.
The second is that you understand the importance of over training and you need to fine tune your skills in preparation for combine specific tests.

I’m going to be realistic because smoke and mirrors isn’t what we do at Umberger Performance.  If your running technique and jumping technique is terrible, how do you think that we can fix that in 10 sessions?  You’ve been doing it wrong for 15-25 years!  No one can take you from a 4.8 to a 4.5 in 3-4 weeks.  There needs to be a time investment in both training and out of training commitment.  Schedule permitting, two a day training is highly recommended.  Any training is time intensive, but combine preparation is also very skill intensive for it focuses on minuet details to maximize testing performance.  Yes, there is a skill to something as simple as the vertical jump test.

Our system is set up around performance training, diet, recovery, and sports skill.

For NFL/CFL guys: we can set up housing and dietary arrangements for those athletes that are coming from out of town.

For the hockey athletes attending NHL, Jr. Hockey(OHL, USHL, NA & EJ,) or other “combines,” housing and dietary arrangements can be made as well.  Also, ice time with position specific coaches can and will be arranged.

Again, we can not stress enough the importance of fully committing to this process over several months.  If you want to become a professional athlete, the commitment needs to be that of a professional.  That holds true for any profession.   It’s about having a career not a few games.  You have to play long enough to get the league pension.  Two years and out doesn’t cut it in the NFL.   If you aren’t close to becoming a solid contributor to the team after playing a few years, you’re replaced with a younger and less expensive version of you.

We understand the business of sports because frankly it is a business. My friend and mentor James Smith produced several successful players when he and Buddy Morris(another mentor of mine) were at Pitt.  James has used the late Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky and the late Charlie Francis’s training principles to have unparalleled success with his NFL combine preparation athletes.  Here’s an article summarizing what James has done recently with his athletes.  Take in mind that these athletes were not projected as high first round draft picks.  James isn’t getting Heisman Trophy winning freaks, just talented athletes with a dream.  His athletes have consistently place in the top of their position. I would also like to note that James is 100% responsible for these results.  This article does not even mention James and his personal work with these athletes.
Juggernaut NFL Combine Recap

The idea is producing careers not guys that went to “such and such a camp” and got cut.   The idea is that they developed the athlete. They made them better at their playing the game whether it’s hockey or football.  That is an all encompassing ideal of which strength training is a piece of the puzzle.

“Give the player what they need and watch them dominate!”

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