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Thank you for taking the time to inquire about our personal training in Robinson Township, Pa.  We realize there are a lot of personal training options in the Pittsburgh area. However, we believe we have a unique perspective and skill set that sets us apart from our competition.

We have been in the fitness industry for over a decade.  We have seen some really great fitness programs and trainers, but more often than not we have seen poor standards, even worse program design, and unfathomable personal trainers.  With that being said, Scott Umberger’s distaste for over charging clients for cookie cutter programs “designed” by personal trainers with weekend certifications and zero experience training actual clients,  caused him to create a different standard at Umberger Performance.

Umberger Peformance is a private, world class training facility with the most knowledgeable staff, the latest and greatest fitness and strength equipment, cutting edge program design, and a judgement-free environment with client accountability.   We believe you would be hard pressed to find a better educated and well trained staff in Pittsburgh.  Our individual program design is a comprehensive mix of:  kinesiology, physiology, psychology, coaching, nutrition, and general good personnel.  We push you towards your goals and focus on making you a stronger and healthier person.

Personal Training isn’t for everyone,  but we can make a dramatic difference in someone’s life.  Personal training should be just that-personal and workouts should be customized to YOUR goals.   Any goal is achieved through consistent hard work and dedication.  If you commit,  we will help you reach your goals.  Training is not something we do TO you, it is something we do WITH you.  We will provide you with best plan based on your goals.  It is up to YOU to keep moving in that direction each day.

What sets us apart is that you can come in and experience us before you commit to us!  Simply schedule a meeting with one our trainers, not a salesperson!  Come in and talk to us, work out with us and let us prove that we are different.   We do not believe in signing long contracts, we are flexible and offer month to month rates.  We can guarantee that we are not your average personal training facility

We do not believe that you should choose us based on the letters behind our names or our certifications.  Our certifications and schooling show that we are educated in our field, but it doesn’t tell our whole story.   Choose us based on our results with our clients.   Our clients are here to train and reach their goals.  We design our workouts based on what will work best for you, not because we like certain types of exercise (such as Kettlebell or Crossfit.)

So, who do we train?  the average joe fitness, soccer moms, former soccer moms, executives that want t a little more “bang for their buck” with the little gym time that they have, beginners,  overweight and underweight clients,  brides and grooms to be, athletes, ex-athletes and runners-just to name a few!

Our team is here to help you meet your fitness and nutrition goals and be the best you that you can be!

See our RESULTS!

Our team is here to help you meet your fitness and nutrition goals and be the best you that you can be!

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