Quick fix? With Sports Training or Fat Loss there isn’t a quick fix!

I just saw  an add on Craigslist for a personal trainer who is offering 30 minute training sessions for a “quick fix”. FYI, there is no such thing as “targeted fat loss”.  You can do literally 1000 crunches a day.  If your body fat is above 8-9% you are not going to see that six pack. Want to tighten up your butt?  Train that area all you want, but the fat won’t go anywhere in that area until you reduce your over all body fat.  Typically, you “loose it” last where you want to loose it first.  Men- last in the abs.  Women- your butt and gut.

Back to the 30 minute lifesaver.  My warm up takes a minimum of 10 minutes!  Lets get something clear before I rape and pillage this ad.  If  you are the person that is crazy busy, the kind that can’t find literally 3 hours out of 168 in the week to give yourself a legitimate workout- then I understand.    Look, I just worked literally 127 days straight getting The Umberger Performance Training Facility open.  I didn’t train with weights because my body wouldn’t have made it through the 14-15+ hour days that consisted mostly of construction work.  Around August(before I started on the facility) I had sumo dead lifted 550 raw which was my best all time dead lift being raw.  Having not trained over those 4+ months I dead lifted 475 a few weeks ago.    My point is that I may not have technically trained with traditional weights, but I was logging 12+ hours days of physical labor that did keep me in shape and maintain my strength levels to a pretty fair degree.

What drives me crazy is the quick fix mantra!  I’m not blaming the trainer as much as I am our society for taking this add into consideration.  Get off your butt and WALK!  Do something active.  Don’t take the elevator 1 or 2 flight of steps, WALK!  As a parent you don’t want your child to take the easy way do you?  How long do you drive around looking for a parking place that is closer to the entrance when walking the extra 20 yards is better for you anyway?  How about the gas that we would save as a fat nation?  Don’t give me it’s cold or to hot either.  You aren’t going to die, get sick, or break into pieces.

I loath the WWII generation.  Sure more recent generations are more wealthy and worldly. I love the innovation and growth that has taken place as I sit at my desktop with my LCL monitor and Black Berry with in reaching distance.   But at what cost? 10% of my clients parents workout or walk during their sons practices or training with me.  Probably less than that spend the time reading a book.

Give yourself at least 3 hours  a week( that can be in 30 minutes sessions).  Walk more.  Walk up steps.  Quit being a slave to the cigarette.  Fit our corrupt political system. Eat more fruits and veggies.  Better yet, eat more RAW fruits and veggies.  Love your family and friends.  DO WORK!

I’ll leave you with this(I stole it from someone and I forgot who or I’d give them credit)

You are going to see one of two doctors eventually.  A cardiologist or a orthopedic surgeon.  Personally, I’m going to see the Ortho because I’m going to have lived one hell of a life to get to the point in which I need to replace at least one of my joints.  The cardiologist probably means that you ate like crap, didn’t have a lot of energy from a poor diet and lack of activity, and haven’t experience life all that much.  (Please note that there are exceptions.  With my family history I’ll be seeing the cardiologist, I just hope that it’s after the ortho.)