Reality verse TV, the truth about gimmick TV shows and fat loss

Robert dos Remedios recently post this on his blog.  There are some great comments here for those of you are interested in losing weight and are obsessed with the Biggest Loser.  I haven’t seen an a huge epidemic here in Pittsburgh, I guess we like our Perogies, Pasta, and beer to much to care…  Either way, I don’t do this stuff in my bootcamps and you shouldn’t be doing in your workouts/life.

You have to start eating properly in order to “make your body like you again”.  Sure you will lose some weight by starting some exercise and watching a meal or two in your day.  Those changes will level out quickly.  The right way to lose weight is to get healthy first.  That starts will some form of exercise and proper nutrition.  Get rid of the chemicals(sucralose, high fructose corn syrup, and aspartame).  You know what’s healthy, so start with 5 basic meals in a day and get off your butt.

I asked the men and women at our Balance Fitness Bootcamps, and they all agreed that they would prefer not to have in instructor in their face “MF”ing” them.  Wow!  Now that’s surprising HA!

Here’s Coach Dos’s blog. Enjoy!