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Results with Personal Training

What Personal Training Is at Umberger Performance

We have been in business for over 10 years, so we have seen and heard just about everything-from fast fixes and gimmicks to the latest and "greatest" training tools and everything in between.  However, there isn't an excuse out there for putting a client in danger or wasting their time and money on ineffective training.  We come from the sports performance world and with us, injury prevention is our #1 priority.  A professional player making millions of dollars a year is no different than someone looking to become healthier, looking to complete a 5k or tough mudder, or just simply looking to lose weight.  They want to train without the fear of getting hurt.  In addition to safety and injury prevention being our #1 priority, we dose optimally-not maximally.  In other words, we will push you out of your comfort zone, but not to the extent where you aren't able to function the next day!  We've become elite experts in performing these tasks for the last 10+ yrs and have helped hundreds of "average Joe's" reach their health and fitness goals.

The personal trainers at Umberger Performance provide a safe, effective, fun, enthusiastic, supportive and motivational environment.   Your sessions are tailored and customized to YOU-working with YOUR abilities and YOUR needs and goals.  Each client is treated on an individual basis.  There is no generic fitness plan here.  Personalized service is a focus from DAY ONE of your commitment to Umberger Performance.  So, whether you want to improve fitness, tone-up, build-up, shape-up for a wedding, need postpartum training, or are preparing for an event, our personal trainers can help.  We have the expertise you want and the experience you deserve.  

We offer 1/2 hour and 1 hour workout sessions.  Contact us for rates.