Specialty Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of 8 week class that are on a variety of fitness topics. The classes will give you a great workout while focusing on educating, coaching and learning new fitness techniques.


1x per Week- $99 or $49 per month

Cost 2 x per Week-$159 or $79 per month

Cost 3x per Week- $199 or 99 per month


Be FIT is a TRUE beginner fitness program. It is design to educated you on proper techniques used in fitness programs such a Squats, Lunges, Push-Up, Kettlebell, TRX Straps, and Medicine Ball. Each class will focus on coaching you through an exercise with modifications and form evaluation, so know how to modify without asking and you will know when to stop if something hurts.  The  eight week class provide options that can be done at home or at a gym. We will start    initially with  Body Weight  and slow add weight at your pace. We will educated you  on progression, corrective exercises for previous injuries, functional movement, and having fun!!  This  class is designed for someone who took time off to raise kids or have career and now they have time for them again.


Wednesdays 6:30 pm

Saturdays 10:00 am

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Class TimesDownsizeFIT  is an 8 week program geared toward helping individuals who struggle with feeling uncomfortable in a gym.  Whether they feel that they are being “judged”, lack of confidence in use of gym equipment and/or development of exercise routines. The first portion of the class will be small group exercise class focusing on basics of fitness, feeling comfortable with various gym equipment (weights, medicine balls, TRX, kettlebells). Classes will be held during non-business hours to ensure clients privacy with the ability to explore equipment, become more familiar with a gym atmosphere, and create a sense of community in a positive-encouraging environment. The second half of the class will focus on emotional wellness component. Working together as a group discussing fears, barriers, goals, and a variety of topics that will promote confidence and self-empowerment.


Class Times

Saturday 11:00-1230 pm

Cost $149


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EliteFit is a strength and conditioning program for former athletes, fitness enthusiast, or former Cross Fit athlete who got hurt. We will train you like an athlete so you will sprint and jump while being fast and explosive while getting  stronger through squatting, deadlifting, benching, cleans and total body training. We will coach each exercise to ensure proper form to ensure your safety, but also incorporating corrective  exercise to strength weak or previous injured parts of your body. We are not concerned with how much you can do how fast, we are concerned with proper form before progression of weight or volume. We will teach you to do thing right so your don’t get injured and so you can meet your goals.

Class Times

Monday and Wednesday 6:30 pm

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Women on Weights

W.O.W is an eight week class for women only that teaches them to be strong and confident  in the weight room or the gym. The class will focus on proper weight lifting techniques that help women build lean and sculpted  muscles without being bulky. Each class will begin with a dynamic warm-up, then introduce a variety of weight training techniques used commonly in gym such as proper squat, deadlift,  pull-sup, bench press and variety of other exercise. After the workout each class will end with core training,, stretching, and foam rolling techniques.  Our coach will analyze your form and technique, provide corrective exercise or modifications for maximum results.

Class Times


Days Monday and Wednesday 7:30 am or Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 am


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Yoga effectively targets the deep muscles in the body to create a strong core, and  sleek muscles,  The class  will  focus on strengthening and stretching the butt, legs, abs, obliques (love-handles), and arms to sculpt muscles and elongate the appearance of your body. Great for balance, coordination, and core strength development!. Great way to stretch tight muscles and relax.

The Yoga class are taught to Iyengar style which focuses on alignment and holding poses. We will teach you how the exercise should feel with form and allighment. Geared towards beginners.


Days Wednesdays at 6:30 pm and Saturday at 10:00 am

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