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At Umberger Performance, we challenge “the standard” for sports performance training and fitness not just in Robinson Township, but in Pittsburgh, Pa.  We believe that we provide the best methods in physically preparing our athletes to perform in competition.  We believe that our combination of knowledge gathered from all over the world, as well as our own experiences in human performance, have created a system and environment that isn’t typically found in the United States.  We believe in strength/strength training.  We believe in muscle.  We don’t believe in “all show and no go”.  We don’t want to “train and look like Tarzan and play like Jane.”  Our athletes consistently test in the top 5 of their teams (hard consistent work= results).  We believe that our methods go beyond the weight room by focusing on improving performance through improving the athletic ability of our athletes.  Improving performance, by default, reduces the risk and probability of injury.

Umberger Performance is a quintessential melting pot of our own experiences as athletes (RJ Umberger’s 9 year NHL hockey career that has taken him all over the world with Scott Umberger’s in the trenches real world experience as a two sport, Division 1 athlete) and our extensive study of international sports science used by Eastern Bloc Countries/Soviet Union and World Record and Olympic Medal Winning Coaches.

Umberger Performance combines the industry’s latest strength and conditioning equipment and technologies (HRV and heart rate monitoring) with old school strength training tools to help athletes exceed their strength and conditioning goals and maximize sports performance.

Why Our Sports Performance Training is Different

We are different because we do not perform “sport specific” training on athletes that are not ready to be sports specific. With the exception of football, the practice verse games ration is at least 2:1 and at times 4:1.  (See Orthopedic Surgeon sees to many sports overuse injuries in young athletes) Without any prior background in sprinting, acceleration, deceleration, and jumping techniques along with very little background in physical fitness it makes little sense to “build a home without a foundation”.  Young children need to develop a physical fitness base for athleticism to be built upon (please see youth training for more information). Sports specific training does exist in Energy System Training (cardio) for high school level athletes and older because each sport has specific bioenergetics demands. Our #1 job is to improve performance.  It’s about do the right things at the right time as this article on the Russian Ice Hockey System outlines.  As stated earlier, improving performance means, by default, reducing injury risk and probability.

Here’s how that breaks down to the individual athlete:

#1. Improve athleticism (which leads to better sport skill acquisition which leads to better sports performance)
#2. Correct the imbalances caused by too many games (prevent overuse injuries)
#3. Prepare the athlete for the specific conditioning demands of their sport (train the bioenergetics)
#4. Improve/teach grit (work ethic and strength of character)
#5. Dominate the competition
 Complete Athletes = Increased Sports Performance

We produce complete athletes through our sports performance training. A complete athlete possesses an understanding with the goal to master proper sprinting, jumping, and change of direction techniques/skills. The general preparation characteristics listed below are the basis for which sport skill can be acquired as built upon:

  • Speed
  • Reactive/Elastic Ability
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Balance/Coordination/Rhythm/Timing
  • Mobility
  • Stamina
  • Suppleness (Moving and bending with agility; limber)

An athlete can be taught skill. High-level coaches want complete athletes. They are going to teach them the proper skills anyway. A highly skilled athlete is deadly!

Our youth are a generation of privilege and entitlement. In attempting to provide our youth with “what we didn’t have,” things have gotten out of control. More so now than ever, Umberger Performance strives to teach principles that not only breed success on the playing field but are also “must haves” as successful members of society!

The following was taken from an article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette;

“If you’re looking at guys on our team for taking care of themselves and being in shape, preparing, I don’t think you’re going to find one better than Craig Adams, from his off-ice [training] in the summertime to what he does during the season,” said  Pittsburgh Penguins and 2014 USA Olympic Team Head Coach Dan Bylsma

Craig Adams works with personal trainer Scott Umberger (cousin of R.J. Umberger of the Columbus Blue Jackets). They share an interest in always seeking new techniques and workouts.
“He’s constantly evolving, trying to get better, more efficient, more specific, all those things,” Craig Adams said.

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Sport Performance Training in Pittsburgh, Pa.