Mack with Some Motivation

I personally feel that Richard “Mack” Machowicz was being humble around these professional athletes.  Lets face it, they play a game.  I’m not going to discredit the level of play of a professional athlete(they are the best in the world),  but that is a joke compared to being behind enemy lines performing secret missions.  Special Operators can’t talk about these missions to ANYONE that they know and love outside of high ranking military officials.  If there is a slip up , one of their brothers dies.  That’s it.  Death.  That doesn’t happen in a traditional team sport.  These men do this for the United States of America and very little pay.  We specialize in sports performance training and that is frankly a joke compared to what these men face when they are on missions.

Mack’s interpretation of team work in the real world gives us true meaning to performing under the most extremely intense conditions along side other men.  

Thanks to Zach Even-Esh for posting these initially.  Zach is getting it done in the Dirty Jerszzzzzy.

Warning- there is some fowl language used in the video.  The speech was presented to men not families.

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