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Personal Training and Sports Performance Training interview #2 with Push Strength in Toronto.

Matt finishes up picking Scott’s brain about the personal training and sports performance training his athletes experience in Pittsburgh, Pa. Interview with Scott Umberger – Part 2 Posted on February 4, 2014 by Matt Kuzdub I’ll be honest with you, the previous blog post with Scott Umberger from Umberger Performance was just a teaser. If you really want to know what Scott […]

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Too Many Games Not Enough Sports Performance Training to Combat Injuries in Youth Athletes

Too many games not enough sports performance training/cross training Here’s another case for offseason sports performance training to serve as “cross training” for all athletes.  The key word is athlete.  What kind of athletes are we developing?  One that is adaptable to various collegiate and professional tactical schemes/systems or a specialist at 16 that can only fit […]

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Strength Training = hard work?

Strength Training Made Easy? For those of you that know of Buddy Morris, you know that strength doesn’t come easy nor does improving sports performance.  He’s the Godfather of the strength coach world despite growing into a coach of physical preparation.  He has some interesting thoughts and they are a big “controversial” actually hard hitting about […]

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Russian Ice Hockey verse the US Hockey System

Are the Russians Doing a Better Job at Sports Performance Training(specifically hockey)? I know that USA Ice Hockey’s USDM is pretty good and that they are making strides to improve the quality of our sports performance training and ice hockey system throughout the entire country.  Below is an outline of the Russian Ice Hockey system.  As you […]

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GRIT… The Real “X” Factor for Sport Performance and Life Success

Secrets of Sports Performance and Personal Training Reflecting back on this past summer about the sports performance and personal training at Umberger Performance, some situations leave me feeling really good about the effort and progress made by some of my athletes and other situations leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.  Don’t get […]

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Umberger Performance featured on Jackets TV

Sports Training on Blue Jackets TV Umberger Performance was featured during the intermission of the Blue Jackets Ice Hockey game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.     They highlighted our sports training with various groups of athletes including our youth training sports programs. httpv://youtu.be/48qfbCSwFoQ Thanks to the Columbus Blue Jackets TV Production Team for taking the time to […]

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Do Nitric Oxide Supplements Really Work?

Do supplements improve sports performance? This was taken from the website www.consumerlab.com.  They are a member site very similar to consumer reports that evaluates supplements and determines if the product contains what it’s suppose to contain.    They will also provide research on the research that has been done on the specific supplement in question. Below […]

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Craig Adams discusses his summer performance training at Umberger Performance

Craig Adams of the Pittsburgh Penguins talks about his sports performance training at Umberger Performance.  Given Craig’s level of development, we were able to advance into special physical preparation rather quickly.  The summer of 2010 was his first summer here with us.  He made some great strides in developing his explosiveness and maximal strength.  Through hard work he was […]

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