Teaching Our Youth Nutrition

Youth Nutrition

This something that EVERYONE in the US should watch.  We need to save our children and teach our youth nutrition rules.  The solution isn’t very complex.  It’s actually rather simple.

This isn’t about maximizing an athletes on field sports performance.  This isn’t about a personal trainer writing out a diet.  This is about teaching the proper fundamentals of fueling the human body to simply live the way that it should.  NO ONE should live life through a coffee or an energy drink.  NO ONE should experience a fork lift to carrying an over sized casket into the funeral home of a deceased teenager.   In my rants and writings on this blog I’m typically very coy and sarcastic.   I’m not joking one bit about about the epidemic of childhood obesity, juvenile diabetes, as well as the many other illnesses associated with our terrible diets.  For once, I’m not going to rant about the lack of education that our physical education receive in college which leads to kids not learning how to properly move.   Though lack of exercise and activity does tie in… This post is about teaching our children about food and shopping on the outside of the grocery store in order to live normal healthy functioning lives.  Aside from raising a generation of kids that have an “entitlement mentality” we are literally killing our children.

I challenge you all to go to your local school board and look into the what is being served as lunch.  Look into what really makes up a “chicken patty”.  Disclaimer-  you may puke!

Jamie Oliver\’s TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food