Testimonial from the parent of a 10 year old athlete

We’ve worked with Phillip going on 2 years now.  I made an exception starting to work with him at 8 years(10 years of age was our limit at that time) because he was an awesome kid.   The “Phil’s” experience with Umberger Performance is not unique.

I am constantly preaching the development of physical fitness and athletic ability.   Our physical fitness and youth development model is based  on what has been done in Europe for decades.   This concept his HIGHLY researched and has been for several decades.  Additionally, the children are learning what consistent hard work can do for them.  We stress finishing EVERYTHING that they do to completion.  Stopping short or cutting reps in unacceptable.

Here’s what Phil Sr. had to say-

I’m writing to thank you for the work you’ve done with Philip. As you know, Philip’s motivation is getting better at hockey and the work he has done with you paid off this week. Here is what happened.

Last year he tried out for an AAA team. The first thing they did was warm up with some intense full ice skating. By the time these drills were done, so was Philip. As far as hockey talent is concerned, he was not too far from the rest of the kids, but it was obvious he was not ready, physical fitness wise, to compete with this team.


This year could not have been more different. On one particular night, Philip had two tryouts for two different teams. The first started at 5:00, the second at 7:00. Each was 1 ½ hours long. They both included a good bit of intense skating and he was on the ice for most of the entire 3 hours. The second tryout was the same AAA team as last year and included the same drills. I’m happy to tell you that not only did Philip survive, he was as strong at the end of the 3 hours as he was at the start. As kids were gulping water during breaks or on their knees sucking air, he was off in a corner stick handling like the drills never happened.

 I believe this change was a direct result of the work he has done at Umberger’s and I wanted to make sure you knew about his success. The end result was that he made both teams, and I wanted to make sure I said thanks.

Phil Juzwick