Testimonials from Fitness Clients

Weight Loss Testimonials: Real World Results from REAL people living in Pittsburgh.

Our testimonials are from real people who actually live in the city of Pittsburgh/Robinson Township and have trained with us AND experience weigh loss. There are a few websites in the Pittsburgh Area that are marketing bootcamps that are complete crap. One guy purchased pre packaged workouts that he will attempt to coach. That’s fine if he’s trained people before or he’s actually trained himself in the past. He’s worse than the recreationbal bodybuilder who trained for one show, got a weekend personal training certification, and is now an expert. I appreciate the time, dedication, and discipline needed to compete in a bodybuilding contest. However, preparing oneself for a show doesn’t mean that you can train populations of anyone except yourself. Regardless of how impressive and challenging it is, people don’t want to cut down to 5-6% body fat for a weekend. They want to be lean AND healthy for life. There is a difference. Being a professional means being able to modify exercises for clients with limitations. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t have to modify an exercise/movement for a client who is having trouble because they slept wrong or hurt themselves in a “weekend warrior” activity.

Reading a book doesn’t mean anything either. Read a libraries worth and actually train yourself and they you have my attention. 20 Certifications and 2,000 hour of training experience is a joke to me. Personal trainers, “fit body coaches”, bootcamp instructors”, jack ass fitness expert, whatever the hell we want to call ourselves must understand that we are coaches first and foremost. It’s more than writing workouts(or buying them). It coaching a client through the trials and trubulation of life and guiding them to reaching their goals.

Shopping on the outside of the grocery store is the best way to eat. As we shop for the meat we must walk by the aisles containing all of the tasty preservative packed chemical goodies. Handing someone a diet(filled with food that they hate) that’s going to help them loose weight in 6 weeks doesn’t do them any good the remaining 20-50 years of their life. We teach and promote a healthier lifestyle that will always be a work in progress. It’s about daily choices and planning that progress over months. Our clients are testiments to changing they way they view eating and working out. They don’t have 15 pound weigth swings.

REAL Pittsburgh People with REAL results from Fusion Workouts!

Marissa spent $600 a month for a personal train for over a year…. She lost 4 pounds in the first week with us and 11 pounds in the first month.

This testimonial is for men who are looking to get an intense workout with dramitc results in gaining muscle and burning fat. How about “Crossfit” without the major risk of injury? The intensity of the Fusion Workouts can be easily turned up to match the needs of an athlete like Al or others from various backgrounds and different goals. Al’s hard work and dedication have paid off!


Steph- has lost 20 pounds and is functionally much better as her “old injuries” have become less burdensome. Steph has since lost a total of 80 pounds in the past 3 years..

Steph weight loss results


Size 2 to a size 0 while spending 10-15 days out of the country a month. All the while being a Vegan. We’ve helped her with her travel workouts and diet. Our flexible schedule has allowed Lynette to get workouts in while she’s in Pittsburgh!




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