Testimonials Fitness Clients

Been going to UP for their Fusion Workouts for over a year now. I really enjoy the workouts, instructors, and the other patrons. The workouts are challenging, different, fun, and addicting. I’ve been working out my whole life and the Fusion Workouts are definitely my favorite. I always feel like a million bucks after I’m finished. The instructors are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help whether it be with nutrition or the exercises. Lastly, the other patrons are all ages and sizes. They are also non judgmental and very motivating. If you’re not working out here, you should! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Melinda C.

I have always hated to exercise and in the end felt that stopping was the better part of valor. After over six months of working with Pepsi Umberger, my attitude has changed. I may still complain while doing the exercises, but I actually enjoy working out and the results are great. I feel so much better; have lost weight; and I am in better shape now then I have been in a long long long time. I would recommend Umberger Performance to anyone who would ask.

Alexander Jamiolkowski

I have been working out at Umberger Performance since summer 2012. I’ve started with the Fusion Fit workouts a couple times a week and gradually worked my way up to 4-5 sessions/week. I’m currently doing the Elite Fit classes that give me the option to push myself a little more. The entire staff is particularly well educated and up-to-date on all workout, nutrition, and industry related questions and topics. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back, while the focus stays on the actual workout. The groups are usually small, which makes if feel more like personal training. The workouts are diversified and offer enough flexibility to adjust individual weights or repetition in order to maximize one’s own workout experience. I can’t put my results into numbers e.g. weight loss, reduction in body fat, etc., but I can honestly say even with a rigorous work travel schedule I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in. If you’re looking for a unique workout place, that is not your average gym or mass workout facility – I’d highly recommend Umberger Performance. Great place, great people, great workouts, great results!

BJ Dupers

Umberger Performance is a world class training facility with a friendly and knowledgeable staff that offers various forms of personal training from one-on-one sessions to various levels of group classes. I’ve had the pleasure of training here for the past 2 years beginning first in their FusionFit “bootcamp” style classes with a recent move to the newly offered EliteFit which provides a more intense ‘athletic’ style of training in a smaller group atmosphere. This smaller group allows for more hands on guidance similar to a private training session given to an amateur or profession athlete. I can’t speak highly enough of the facility but more importantly of the great staff which makes every effort to help you reach your health and fitness goals. “I give it a tien”

Bob M.

Great workout for any level! Very personalized and a nice balance of cardio & strength that you can do at your own pace. Really can feel the and see the progress. an everyone supports each other. Thanks Pepsi!

Shirley Mayton

Something for everyone! As one of the Umberger’s “older” clients, I have been consistently encouraged and challenged while working out alongside those who may be 30+ years younger than myself. I have gained strength, flexibility and range of movement without being bored, belittled or embarrassed. Fusion workouts ROCK!

Tracey Jeffreys

Umberger Performance has changed my view of health, fitness, and lifestyle. When I work out at Fusion Workouts, I know I am getting the most bang for my buck. The circuit workouts are awesome and challenging. The staff is relaxed, supportive, and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend to a friend, family, co-workers, etc.

Pamela Arder

Wow…I am having fun and I am looking forward to learning all the exercises. I think Pepsi does a nice job of balancing teaching with motivation

Dara T.

Umberger Performance is the best gym I have ever joined. The level of knowledge of the staff is incredible and the classes are great. The range of classes also give people of any fitness level an option. I began in the Fusionfit class and moved p to the Elitefit as soon as it was made available. I love the fact that I can learn some olympic style lifts while also getting a circuit workout and improve me squat. I just hit a personal best squat that I had as a summer goal and am optimistic on adding another 50-100 pounds to it throughout the following year.

Robert Michel

A fitness experience that keeps you interested, engaged and never bored. Scott/Pepsi and the crew at Umberger strike the perfect balance between motivation, guidance and your own pace.

Brian Cleary

A fitness experience that keeps you interested, engaged and never bored. Scott/Pepsi and the crew at Umberger strike the perfect balance between motivation, guidance and your own pace.

Brandon S.

So far after my first training session I feel like I’m back home at a gym I feel comfortable at!!!! So happy I found Umbergers!

Emily Ganchuk

Excellent place for a workout, instructors are very knowledgeable and the training sessions are designed to match your pace at the same time get the most out of your workout. The one on one interaction and instructions and attention are excellent when compared to other more expensive personal trainers. Take the trial classes and discover for yourself.

Hannah S.

Great place to workout!!  Love the variety!

Jim Stewart

Michelle is my personal trainer and she is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and encourages me to give 100% each work out. I would highly recommend her and Umberger Performance to everyone.

Melissa O