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***With the athletes/personal training clients; Please note that current NCAA guidelines do not permit the use of the names of active Division I Athletes in testimonials***

“If you’re looking at guys on our team for taking care of themselves and being in shape, preparing, I don’t think you’re going to find one better than Craig Adams, from his off-ice [training] in the summertime to what he does during the season,”

-Dan Bylsma-Craig Adams Pittsburgh Pensquins

Pittsburgh Penguins Head Coach, USA Olympic Team Head Coach, 2010-2011 NHL Most Outstanding Coach

"I attribute the longevity of my NHL career primarily to my commitment to physical fitness.  Over the past ten years I have been very fortunate to work with trainers who have consistently educated me, challenged me, and made my off-season conditioning enjoyable.  Working with Scott Umberger this summer has been exceptional.  Scott brings the ideal mix of a cerebral approach to training and a high-performance mentality that is evidence of his athletic background.  On top of that the facility at Umberger Performance provides the perfect setting for me to achieve my strength and conditioning goals."

-Craig Adams-

Pittsburgh Penguins, 2x Stanley Cup Winner (Carolina 2006, Pittsburgh 2009),  12 Year NHL Veteran


"The program design and implementation of Scott Umberger at Umberger Performance is an essential component for any Hockey Player that wants to be 100 % prepared for an upcoming season. The element of off-season training is vital. It is what will keep the player effective in critical late-game and overtime situations, throughout the regular season, deep into the playoffs, and championship rounds. The methodology and training techniques applied at Umberger Performance are second to none."

-Barry Brennan

Currently with the CSKA Moscow of the KHL & former Strength & Conditioning Coach of Atlanta Thrashers and Columbus Blue Jackets


Bill Caplan OSU

"During my senior year of high school, I received the offer to try out for The Ohio State University football team the following year.  I had read about Umberger Performance in the paper and due to RJ’s Ohio State connection I decided to give the place a try.  I went through Scott’s training program and was by far the fittest I had ever been in my athletic career.  After leaving for school, I excelled in the tryout and made the team for the 2010 Big 10 and Sugar Bowl Championship season.  Without the help of Scott and his expertise I would never have been able to accomplish my goals.  While they are primarily known for their success in hockey, I would highly recommend
Umberger Performance for any football player, whether they are just starting high school or trying to play in college.  My only regret is not having longer to train with Scott.  I have personally seen the benefits and successes other clients have had from their continued hard work there."

-Bill Caplan-

Former walk on at Ohio State University


“I grew up with RJ and also had the opportunity to play at Ohio State with him.  RJ was always the best conditioned and strongest athlete at the start of every training camp.  This goes from the time we were 12 till we were 22.  Some of his weight lifting records still hold today at Ohio State.  The mindset and work ethic that Scott instilled in him were what set him apart from other athletes.”

-JB Bittner-

Assistant Hockey Coach South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL, former Captain at OSU,  and Pittsburgh Hornet Alum


"I started playing soccer in 1994 in Mikkeli, Finland. After playing with youth teams I signed with a Division II team Mikkelin Kissat at the age of 18 in 2004, and after gaining couple of years of experience from men's games I decided to pack my bags and head to University of Pittsburgh to play Division I College Soccer.

After being done with Pitt Soccer, I started working out with Scott in February 2010 in order to gain some speed, explosiveness and quickness which has always been slacking from my game. During the three months that I worked out at Umberger Performance I gained a whole new view towards working out - the workouts we did made sense to me and we were always working out not only to meet these goals, but paying special attention to keep the workouts fun and challenging. During the three years that I practiced with my college soccer team, I never gained as much benefit from workouts as I did with Scott, and also I was never so aware what exactly each workout was for and the benefits as I was during my time with Umberger Performance. I am thankful for the opportunity to work out with Scott and I would recommend any athlete that is serious about his sport to join Umberger Performance and gain the same benefits that I personally got."

-Samuli Ahola-

Member of  Mikkeli Kissat in Finland  3rd Division/Semi Professional


Dan Kerch"UmbergerPerformance's workouts have helped me not just as an athlete but as a D1 lacrosse player.  The things Scott teaches directly affect your play on the field.  He aims the workouts towards what is needed for the sport and your personal strengths and weaknesses.  Scott helped me have a great senior year at RMU and I am greatly appreciative of that.  If you put 100% into the workouts you will get results, no joke.

-Dan Kerch-

4 Year Starter, Midfielder, Senior Year- Second Team All Confence (CAA) at Robert Morris University


"When I came to Umberger Performance, I was one of the top defensive players in my league and also one of the best athletes on my team.  I had been trained by some of the most sought after strength coaches in the country and still wasn't seeing the results I wanted. In 8 weeks, Scott not only increased my strength, speed, endurance, and agility (25 pound increase Bench and Squat, 3 tenths off 40, pro-shuttle and L-drill, 15 pound muscle increase in Body Weight, 3 seconds off mile 5:29 to 5:26) but Scott also made me a better athlete. With Umberger Performance, there's no crazy training methods or gimmicks. You get in the gym, work your tail off, and with Scott's guidance and knowledge catered towards each individual, you're hard work will help you kill it in the weight room and on the field."

-Andrew Stimmel-

2010 Captain of Ohio State University Lacrosse Team and 2010 Team Defensive MVP


We are also paying special attention to diet which is something that I’ve always struggled with. The results are something that I can see in the mirror and in my energy levels in games and training."As an American soccer player I’ve relied entirely on natural ability. I was taught that my main concern should be conditioning and not much else. After playing in Europe last summer, I found out how wrong I was.  It was that experience that opened my eyes to searching for guidance on improving my mobility, strength, and body fat percentage.   I was apprehensive at first but after having several discussions as I trained with Scott, things started to make sense.  I began to truly understand our short and long term workout plan that entails working on my mobility, flexibility, strength, explosiveness as well as my conditioning.  In the last month, my strength levels have gone through the roof which has made me faster and more explosive on the field which is where it counts."

I’ve been through a Division 1 training program that gave me little results, and in the time that I’ve been training with Umberger Performance I’ve seen more results than in the last four years. Nowhere else can somebody get this attention in a world class facility and with a world class trainer, nowhere around Pittsburgh at least.  In attempting to fulfill my dream of playing professional soccer in England, something I may only get one shot doing which is why I’ve put my trust and energy into Umberger Performance. Umberger Performance provides a comprehensive training platform unlike any other that I’d recommend to any athlete who is serious about getting to the next level."

-Michael McDade-

University of Pittsburgh - 4 Year Letter Man, 2 Year Leading Scorer, 1st in Goals for Defenders in the BIG EAST (2008-2009), 2009 Captain & Member of  Mikkeli Kissat in Finland  3rd Division/Semi Professional


scottmay"The personalized workout program that Umberger Performance put together for me was the perfect fit for what I was looking for.  Not only did the workouts help my strength, conditioning and flexibility but gave me the speed and agility that I wanted to improve on as well. This past summer I did exercises that I had  never seen before and after it was all done I could see and feel the results.

I am thrilled to have trained under Umberger Performance. Thanks Scott, see you again next summer."

-Scott May–

Former OSU standout, Currently Playing in the European Pro League (Italy)


"When I was around 12 years old, Scott took me by his side and introduced me into off-ice training. The passion that he had for training was already noticeable but was just developing. Scott has worked with me at every level: amateur/ high school hockey, juniors, college, and now continuing at the pro level. Through the years his knowledge and experience has guided me through my career. He has given me the strength,  speed, and acceleration I needed to be successful

at each level. More importantly, he has improved my mental game and my preparation more than I thought was possible. Scott's work ethic and values have carried over into the way I play the game and live my life. We have become a great team together, always learning and bouncing ideas off each other.Our workouts never get dull and we're constantly raising the bar to improve performance."

Umberger Performance is the premier athletic training facility in the city of Pittsburgh and I look forward to helping other athletes make their dreams come true as mine have. If you live in Pittsburgh and you are not training with Scott, you are missing out.  Scott's performance enhancement knowledge has been

a key ingredient to my success in hockey and will continue to throughout my career!  'Where Limits Don't Exist' isn't just some marketing statement, it's what we believe in our hearts."

-RJ Umberger -

Columbus Blue Jacket, 19 pts in 25 playoff games,  2001 NHL First Round Draft Pick, & Former All-American at OSU


"As I reflected on my second season of Junior A hockey it was apparent and statistical proven that the gains Scott and I had made in reference to my physical ability and mental side of the game in the summer leading up to the season were extremely big. Not only did I have a very successful season but it was apparent that the preparations to my season with Scott significantly improved the maintenance of my body throughout the vigorous season.  As pleased as Scott and I both were with my previous season, we both had a clear understanding that the off-season leading up to my final season of Juniors was without the doubt the most important in terms of making colossal gains in preparation for a nerve racking do or die season.  As the summer wound down and I was in my final preparations before heading to training camp it was obvious that the training in the summer with Scott was a huge success, I was bigger, stronger, more explosive, and more mentally prepared then I ever have been.  All my hard work in the summer with Scott was soon to pay off.  Scott confidentially sent me off to training camp knowing he had prepared me to the best of his ability.  Shortly after arriving to training camp it was blatantly obvious that the he had done just that, as I tested better than any other athlete in camp finishing first in ever off-ice physical test my team ran.  My coaches were astounded with my off-ice preparations in the summer and were extremely pleased with my physical ability at the end of camp, this all thanks to Scott.  Scott successfully prepared me for my most important season as a hockey player.  Thanks to Scott I was able to earn myself a Division I scholarship to a high end hockey program.  I could not be more grateful to Scott for the influence he has played on my hockey career thus far.  His ability to bring the best out of his athletes is second to none.  His ability to relate to the athlete and prepare them specifically to fit the needs of their sport is a rare quality found these days amongst the athletic training community.  As a Junior hockey player I have dealt with numerous strength coaches and alleged "performance" coaches none that can offer half of what Scott does.

Scott is able to not only strengthen and bring you to peak physical condition but he is able to bring the most out of your athletic mental capacity better than anyone I have ever worked with.  His passion to better athletes is reflected in his work ethic and research in finding the best methods possible to allow you as a athlete to reach new heights.  There are no limitations when it comes to working with Scott, once you have reached a goal he forces and allows you to not only set higher more substantial goals but to reach them.  Scott has been a major stepping stone for me in my search to reach my dreams, and I can promise you that he will always be a part of my career as an athlete.  It is a struggle for me to put in words the influence that Scott has made on my career.  I would not be where I am today without the guidance and support of Scott Umberger.  I would and do, strongly recommend Umberger Performance to any athlete that is serious about taking their sport to the next level.  Umberger Performance provides a service to novice and experienced athletes that cannot be matched.  They will always be a major part of my life for their ability to bring the most out of me, and his willingness to never let me settle for something less than I am capable of."

-Ryan McGrath

Division I Hockey Player and Captain- Holy Cross


"When athletes work with Scott at Umberger Performance, I can guarantee you one thing: You will get the results you want.

I was first introduced to Scott early in my college lacrosse career not too long ago. I came in weighing slightly over 190 lbs and benching 225 and squatting 350. I was a little skeptical at first when Scott handed me my first workout and started giving me diet tips to put on muscle. After following what he said, I started to see results.  In two short years of training with Scott, I've gained 30 pounds and my bench and squat went though the roof. My bench now is 295 and my squat is 450.  For me, results in the weight room translate to results on the field. He has made me a more explosive, faster, and stronger athlete.  Last year I started all but four games of the season as a defenseman. This year, I have started almost every game and I am 3rd on the team with eight caused turnovers (RMU team record 11-4 all losses to top 30 teams).

Scott made me into the athlete I am today. I'm extremely excited to be able to continue my training with him at Umberger Performance throughout my lacrosse career. I have come a long way and Scott has made me understand how much further I can go. Scott is easily one of the best trainers in the city of Pittsburgh. "Where Limits Don't Exist" says it all. He will help you become the best athlete you can be and will push you to reach your full potential."

-Mike Rowse-

Robert Morris University


"Hockey is back.  Austin turned in a strong performance today in his 1st game of Ice Hockey- 1G & 1assist but that's not all.  He was ready to throw the gloves down and protect one of his players.  He also took one HELL of a check along the boards but got up ...smiling as he skated back into the play!  Scott Umberger we thank you for all the hard work you put in with him and we are looking for more!"

-Dan Biondo-

Father of a 11 Year Old Hockey Player



"Lacrosse has now become a more popular sport with better college athletes playing the game. Umberger Performance has the knowledge to make you stronger, faster, and more explosive- something the sport demands now. With hard work and commitment, Scott made me into a much better athlete and a better player."

-Matt Hastings-

Former Robert Morris University Lacrosse Player


"I've be runner since early childhood which led to be running track from high school through college. With hard work and drive, I had produced results that made me feel accomplished. My senior year of high school I qualified for states in 4 events. Throughout my first three years of college I had medaled in all of the events I ran. It was during my senior year of track at Robert Morris that I started to seriously weight train with Scott.

Up to that point in my career, I was working hard and lifting light. Scott introduced me to more of an athletic lifting routine center around strength. At the time, I was in a state of denial thinking that lifting heavy would be more of a detriment than a booster for my track times. I qualified for the IC4A’s in my past 3 years of college. My senior season was a little different. This year I was actually going to come on with some IC4A medals around my neck from both the 110m High hurdles and the 400m Hurdles. I set personal records in the 400m hurdles by well over 1 second and the 110m hurdles by nearly ½ second. In short distance races, a fraction of seconds is a lifetime. I was skeptical of weight training prior to working out with Scott, but am happy to be able to look back and be thankful that I did.

Scott turned me into a believer by turning this scrappy kid from Baldwin High School into a medal winner at the IC4A’s championships (pre NCAA championship meet). I only wish that I would have started training with Scott sooner.”

-James Baughman-

Former Division I Track Standout & Current Record holder & Hall of Fame Member at Robert Morris University