Tom Brady… Warrior or Silver Spoon Pretty Boy?

Taking It Beyond Sport Performance Training

As a someone lives in the world of sports performance training I’ve seen and heard about a lot of great success stories.   With  the recent loss in the Super Bowl by the Patriots it almost started an anti Tom Brady riot!  It leaves me scratching my head.  Let me first say that I’m a Pittsburgher and I’m 100% loyal to our teams except the Pirates.  (I refuse to support the Pirates.  After almost 20 years of loosing seasons they refuse to invest in the team. Spending a few million over revenue sharing isn’t “trying to win”.)  I’d almost root for Cleveland to win over ANY Boston team.   Keep that in mind as you read my thoughts on Tom Brady.

I will start off by saying that you are not allowed(in my opinion) to have a negative feeling towards Brady until you watch the ESPN series “The Brady 6”.   Every man, woman, and child should watch this special.  It’s not about football.  It’s not about sports performance training.  It’s about overcoming MANY obstacles to become the best in the game of football.  Again, not good…  The BEST!

Here are a few parts that I was able to find on Youtube. Take in mind that the ESPN special was 40 minutes in actual length.  Youtube limits the length of a individual video’s length and I couldn’t find them all.

The Brady 6 on ESPN

Why the hate?

Tom Brady was voted the best player in the game(2011) by the NFL players in the recent survey.

Sure Tom has the “Uggs Thing” and the “Stetson Cologne thing”.  Then there’s the Super Model wife?   Or maybe it’s the $18 million a year in salary?   With all of this fan fair and notieriety, he was the last to leave the locker room after the Super Bowl.  He was obviously upset because winning still matters to this champion despite all the “pretty stuff”.  Brady after the game…


With all of the “stuff” that people hate, he’s continued to win with nothing.  This 2012 season the Pats defense was a joke ranking second worst in the league.  Who are his receivers?  Though I’m a fan, would Wes Welker still be in the NFL if the Pats didn’t pick him up from the Dolphins? Sure he is a very solid WR, but he had the most reception in the NFL in 2012.  He doesn’t do that on a team without Brady.  Oh then there’s the over looked fact that Tom Brady broke the single season passing record along with Drew Breeze in 2012.  Breeze was awesome, but Brady did it with no defense and minimal offensive talent.

No, I’m not gay for Tom Brady.  I don’t think that he’s the savior of the world.  I’m not going to argue that he’s the best that’s ever played.  This isn’t the forum for that.  This isn’t my personal opinion blog.  My point is that this guy is just like you and I.  He’s a sports performance athlete that grew up in a normal family in California

Tom Brady

and has been overlooked his entire life.  He was the SIXTH QB taken in the draft after overcoming getting “screwed” at Michigan before then saving their season and won a bowl game.  He was a projected scout team NFL QB at best.   Look at his accomplishments  He has more haters than fans (or maybe the haters hate more than the fans cheer??). What did he do to cause this hate?  Maybe it’s the TV football guys giving Brady gushing admiration?  I know, it gets annoying.   He wasn’t a first round draft pick that sucked for 10 years despite being given a great supporting cast and numerous chances for success.  His biggest screw up was having a “love child” with a former girlfriend.  That’s way different than forcing underage girls into bathrooms for “favors” and getting accused of sexual harassment multiple times or beating his wife, girlfriend, or baby’s mama.  The locker rooms are filled with criminals and bad people yet the media wants to “hate” on Tom Brady.  I don’t like Uggs.  I’m a man.  Men don’t wear Uggs.  I still respect Brady for being a winner that’s worked hard for everything that he’s had.

Watch The Brady 6 in it’s entirety and if you still hate him for making millions, being a athletic fashion icon, marrying and having a solid relationship with a super model who “stands by her man”, then hate away people.   Just understand that the guy that beats your team on Sunday has overcome more than most to become the best in the game.   He may be the “pretty boy” in your Vogue magazine but he’s a warrior on the field willing an average team to extraordinary heights.  He has done it all with average talent and average ability.  We should celebrate that, not trashing him for losing another the Super Bowl.  He’s played in 6 of them.  Not bad for the 199th pick.