Training Athletes in Pittsburgh

A little thought here..

I recieved a text message from one of my 14 year old clients asking me about diet and training questions this week.  His tryouts start next week.  Take in mind that I haven’t seen this client in 6 months.  No matter, he’s a good kid and I’ll do anything that I can do to help.  We went back and forth several times.  I basically told him that he was dumb and that there’s not much that he can do in a week.  He can’t talk the talk, he had to start walking.

Here’s my point….

Success is a lifestyle.  Wellness is a lifestyle.  In other words, success is a way of life. You just don’t decide to workout for two weeks and be at your best.

I train and have trained thousands of athletes.  Make no mistake, the successful ones live it.  The great ones are consumed by it.

You’ve heard the stories about Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, and maybe even Sidney Crosby.  They are obsessed with getting better.  Is it an accident that at least 3 of the 4 listed above are the best that’s ever lived?  I think not!

Earn it everyday!