Two Part Seminar at Umberger Performance

Scott will be giving a two part seminar outlining all of methods that he’s learned over the past 20 years and are used by elite athletes all over the world.

The seminar is open to everyone interesting in learning these principles that are time tested and used by those winning gold medals and breaking world records.  Not internet gurus and pyramid scheme nutrition folklore sold by soccer moms.

We accept credit cards here at Umberger Performance(though we prefer check or cash since there aren’t processing fees).  You can also send payment via Paypal.  If you would like to pay that way, please email [email protected] and inform here that you will be attending with the information on the link below.  Scott will customize the presentation to those attending in regards to the specificity of certain aspects of the content.  Meaning, he won’t discuss “high protein” diets to a group of endurance athletes verse “high carb diets” and “VO2 enhancing supplements” to a group of strength athletes.  Expecting a mixed group, all of those types of questions can be answered in the Q&A if they are not addressed in the presentation itself.

Click for a complete explanation of the topics to be covered as well as other relevant information.

Elite but Affordable Methods for Optimizing Recovery and Results

Address is

Umberger Performance

4573 Campbells Run Road

Pittsburgh, Pa. 15025


Pricing Options     (*members are UP athletes and adult clients)