Diet down to 181 for the Monster’s of Bench Meet

I was going to diet and drop from 194 to 189-190ish the loose the water weight the week before the meet.  After thinking about it.  I don’t really want to got through all of the weight loss to do 2 lifts.  I’m not competing against anyone other than my own numbers. In addition, it’s not a full meet where I’d be able to register my first total. I’m definetley going to clean up my diet starting tomorrow and see where it goes from there.  I’m going to cut out the milk in the morning and no snacks.  I’m also going to cut the nightly beer with dinner.  That’s  worth at least 300 if not 500 calories a day.  I’ll also make sure to get in some high tempo recovery workouts.  That will lean me up pretty good.