What it takes to achieve success as an athlete!

Sport Performance Training Secrets

Reflecting back on this past summer and the sports performance training at Umberger Performance, some situations leave me smiling feeling really good about the effort and progress made by some of my athletes and other situations leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.  Don’t get me wrong, all of the athletes that work with us are very good kids.  I can confidently say that they will all be successful.  They have good parents that push them in the right direction.  I can’t really judge/blame the parents for not pushing them in regards to training because they never trained.  Even former professionals from 20 years ago didn’t train other than lineman in football.  Most athletes used camp to get into shape.  We live in a different world now.  With the exorbinant salaries in professional sports the desire to become a professional is greater than ever.  More time needs to be invested in sports performance training.

Improving Sports Performance isn’t easy!

I frequently get frustrated with my athletes who “want it” but refuse to put the time in.  Being a division one athlete is a full time job.  Some can get by on put athletic ability or genetics but few can become  professionals without hard work.  I think that the Olympics are a better testimate to this than anything else.  Michael Phelps didn’t train after the 2008 Olympics for 2 years.  Why?  He was burnt out.  He trained 8+ hours a day, 7 days a week for 8 straight years.  He was able to take the time off and get back to form within two years because #1 he is the greatest swimmmer in the world and #2 next to not having webbed feet/hands, he’s physically perfect to swim.

Steve Williams

This about sums it up….

Everyone can do the good days. It’s the bad days when you step away from your opposition.For me that is sitting in my bed with the alarm going off at 5:30 am. continually hitting the snooze button, with the rain and sleet lashing against the window thinking “I’ve got to go out in that”. But that is the chance to get those eight one-hundredths of a second advantage. They don’t come around too often, those opportunities to step ahead”

Steve Williams
4 x World Champion
2 x Olympic Champion

What it takes to stay on top with sports performance training

I often have deep conversations with Craig Adams of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Why?  He’s my age(which is rare around here) and he’s a smart, well read guy.  Being a Harvard graduate doesn’t hurt either. Craig has played almost 12 season in the NHL and he’s won two Stanley Cups.  He always steps his game up when it matter most, the playoffs.   I’m always asking questions and trying to “find out if it works” or how it “feels”.  What’s going right and maybe wrong and how we can adjust or fix the issue.  RJ Umberger and I would always have those conversations.  They are harder to have with him having two young daughters and living in Columbus, OH.