Youth Sports Injuries from “over gaming” them?

Here’s a summary of three recent articles that have been posted on our Umberger Performance Facebook Fan Page covering youth sports injuries.  Give us a “like” to get the information faster along with other cool human performance related information.


This explains the data on injuries pretty clearly…  Don’t think that there is a problem?

Statistics on injuries in youth sports




Kobe says, “skills are key”

Kobe Bryant Explains Why Growing Up In Italy Gave Him A Huge Advantage Over American Players

I don’t completely agree with these guys on there view about all of the basketball players being just athletes without skill and how there’s a focus on athleticism    They understand the problem in the lack of skill on the NBA.  What they don’t get is the reason for it.  Kobe kind of hinted on it by saying the he was forced to work on skill not waste time playing games.  Improving in game performance through sports performance training and sports specific skill work is the key.  The athletes they are talking about are simply freaks that haven’t been properly taught the basics since they grew up in an AAU system that was centered around games.


Here’s another interesting read on youth sports injuries.

Every 25 seconds a U.S. teen athlete treated for sports injury

There’s obviously a problem here…
Call me crazy because we want to speak about having athletes practice more than they play while they are developing as sports performance athletes, but we’ve just laid out various statistics in how our athletes in the US are getting unnecessarily injured.    The desire to play games and be specialized in one sport is ruining our athletes.  Parents, stop trying to “keep up with the Jones”.  I’ve work with two first round NHL draft picks from when they were young, not after they were already freaks.  It’s a long term process.  If done correctly the worst case seniro is that your children learn a lot of life lessons from sport.  They will learn the value of practice and repetition which is a necessity for success in life. Less than 1% of athletes earn athletic scholarships anyways.
Just like investing money, wealthy folks don’t run to what’s popular.    Suckers buy high with delusions that prices will keep rising.  Patient and smart investors purchase less popular asset classes and sectors when they are out of favor and cheap because they will be in favor down the road(not 6 months).  Call me crazy but that’s what wealthy people do and how Warren Buffet made billions.  It’s just not “cool” to buy value and be patient for 10-20 years.  The trick/rub is saving enough monies to diversify and invest when opportunities arise and to be unemotional about the decisions.